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Whitepaper: Cable & Wireless Brings NHS Telecoms Spending Under Control

by Cable & WirelessJan 01, 2008

The Greater Manchester Collaborative Procurement Hubs primary objective is to streamline the relationship between NHS organizations and suppliers across the Greater Manchester area, with a view to boosting efficiency, focusing expertise and cutting costs. Business challenge was to provide new economies of scale, substantial cost savings, and a focus of central expertise for telecoms services to the Greater Manchester region of the NHS. Cable & Wireless solution implemented: Voice calls; Wholesale Line Rental; and Ongoing consultancy and management services.

Whitepaper: e-Learning Solutions for the Retail Sector

by Cable & WirelessJan 01, 2008

e-learning - delivering training electronically - enables one to cut costs, increase their customer basket value and improve staff retention and brand loyalty Training the retail staff with e-learning gives an efficient way to improve their knowledge of the products and services, boosting their ability to sell and to represent the brand. With e-learning, training is easier to fit in with the day-today needs of the business. Staff can learn at their own pace, making productive use of quiet times during the day to improve their skills. This paper from Cable & Wireless explains e-learning as solutions for the retail sector.