Webcast: Escaping From the Multi-Screen Money Pit

by DeluxeAug 26, 2013

Four years after Comcast and Time Warner Inc. unveiled the first TV Everywhere venture, the momentum behind the concept is climbing steadily as cable TV operators, telcos, satellite TV providers, Web video distributors and other providers plunge into the market with fresh or expanded multi-screen offerings. But, faced with the cost and complexity of adjusting the bandwidth resolution for every format, controlling the video feed quality for every screen, adapting the programming for every device,

Whitepaper: Blu-Ray Technical

by DeluxeJan 01, 2008

There are many technical aspects surrounding the new high definition formats. There are changes every month as the BDF work on new and cheaper ways to improve the blu-ray disc. The researcher of this paper will talk firstly about the blu-ray disc itself and then the players and recorders, looking at the physical and data structure.