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Since Adaptive Planning's founding in 2003, our mission is constant - to provide a refreshing new solution that fundamentally changes financial planning and reporting for companies and nonprofits of all sizes.. We continue to set the standard for on-demand corporate performance management (CPM) solutions, with the most customers, most users, most awards, and highest customer satisfaction.

Adaptive Planning's software as a service presents significant advantages over traditional on-premise corporate performance management software.

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Whitepaper: CFO Analyst and Advisor

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

Surveys show that most CFOs want to upgrade their role from accounting specialists to strategic or business partners. But few CFOs have actually made the change, primarily because they have neither the time nor the necessary capabilities within the current finance team. But for those who do make the change, the rewards are tangible.

This chapter lays out a number of important steps that the CFO and the finance team need to take to position themselves as trusted and valued business partners within the organization.

Whitepaper: Why Budgeting Fails: One Management System is Not Enough

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

Whether you are preparing for, or have already begun your 2010 budget, you'll want to understand how your organization can adopt the best practices outlined in this article.

Whitepaper: Reinventing the CFO

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

Expectations around the role of the CFO have greatly intensified in recent years. The CFO is now expected to be business generalist, risk management expert, and all-knowing source of business intelligence; to provide instant replies to any question the CEO asks about business performance; and to meet these challenges with lower costs.

This chapter looks at the origins of the increased pressure on CFOs and explains why it is necessary for CFOs to break out of dysfunctional systems and mental models to redefine their role and the role of finance organizations.

Whitepaper: CFO as Architect

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

Despite a number of compelling reasons to move away from annual plans and budgets, many CFOs are reluctant to make the change. They fail to recognize that there are alternative (and less dysfunctional) ways of driving performance improvement and making managers accountable for performance.

CFOs need to implement systems that provide managers at every level with the capability to make fast, well-informed decisions. They need to replace annual planning cycles with more regular business reviews that enable managers to see trends, patterns, and "breaks in the curve" long before the competition.

Whitepaper: Budgeting Seeing the Future

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

Budgeting can cause stress and conflict, eating up lots of hours. But a good budget can be the difference between financial success and insolvency. In this chapter, you'll learn about the many types of budgets that serve different purposes. You'll also learn how to determine which type most effectively helps you meet your business goals.

Whitepaper: Competing on Analytics

by Adaptive PlanningJun 20, 2012

We all know the power of the killer app. It's not just a support tool; it's a strategic weapon.

Companies questing for killer apps generally focus all their firepower on the one area that promises to create the greatest competitive advantage. But a new breed of organization has upped the stakes: Amazon, Harrah's, Capital One, and the Boston Red Sox have all dominated their fields by deploying industrial-strength analytics across a wide variety of activities.

At a time when firms in many industries offer similar products and use comparable technologies, business processes are among the few remaining points of differentiation--and analytics competitors wring every last drop of value from those processes.

Employees hired for their expertise with numbers or trained to recognize their importance are armed with the best evidence and the best quantitative tools. As a result, they make the best decisions. In companies that compete on analytics, senior executives make it clear--from the top down--that analytics is central to strategy.

This article includes a one-page preview that quickly summarizes the key ideas and provides an overview of how the concepts work in practice along with suggestions for further reading.

Webcast: Adaptive Planning Best Practices Webinar

by Adaptive PlanningNov 11, 2012

Many organizations struggle with problems of budgeting and forecasting practices. Often the budget is either too detailed or too expensive and rigid. Watch this webinar and find out what the problems with traditional budgeting are and what can be done about it. You will get insight into critical planning processes and learn how to make better decisions.

About the Speaker
Steve Player is N. American program director for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table and co-author of the book Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting and Beyond Performance Management as well as five other books. Mr. Player also writes the Finance Transformation column for Business Finance Magazine