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Whitepaper: Next-Generation VoIP Network Architecture

by MultiService ForumJan 01, 2008

The term ""Voice over IP"" (VoIP) describes the transport of voice over IP based networks; it is a generic term that covers deployments ranging in complexity from hobbyists using the internet to get free phone calls on a peer to peer basis, to full scale PSTN replacement networks. In carrier networks VoIP has been mainly deployed in enterprise networks or as a trunking technology to reduce transport costs in voice backbone networks. This White paper identifies and characterizes the primary issues that must be addressed in defining a large scale VoIP network that is capable of supporting, but is not necessarily limited to, full PSTN equivalence.

Whitepaper: NGN Control Plane Overload and Its Management

by MultiService ForumJan 01, 2008

This white paper examines the types of overload scenarios encountered within traditional networks and concludes that similar traffic behavior, requiring overload management, will be required within Next Generation Networks (NGNs). The paper notes that the distributed computing nature of NGN architectures such as the 3GPP IMS, has an increased detrimental impact on overload behavior and looks at the overload management capability of the main protocols that are commonly used. It finally comments on the work in progress within ETSI TISPAN to address the issues discussed.

Whitepaper: Service Solutions in Next-Generation Networks

by MultiService ForumJan 01, 2008

As the communications industry continues to evolve from SS7 Intelligent Network solutions, there are many issues that must be addressed in order to make the transition to a new service solution. It is the objective of this white paper to outline options that exist in the industry for solving the problems and providing guidance toward providing a consistent industry perspective on how to solve these problems. This paper pays particular consideration to the fact that services will exist in multiple elements (such as Softswitches and different types of Application Servers) and different models exist for how services will interact.

Whitepaper: Testability in the NGN

by MultiService ForumJan 01, 2008

This white paper is a part of series of white papers addressing the management network implementation in MSF networks. The testability of NGNs and their components is addressed in a context of the performance and fault management functional areas of TMN. It gives an overview and comparison of management functions of element management layer and network elements in PSTN, IP-based, and Hybrid networks. Performance monitoring methods and performance measurements matrices are shown for the end-to-end calls.

Whitepaper: The Global MSF Interoperability (GMI): 2002 Event White Paper

by MultiService ForumJan 01, 2008

With costs remaining constant and revenue falling, carriers are currently looking for new ways to streamline their operations and cut costs. Proprietary single-source solutions lock the service provider into expensive exclusive arrangements. Ensuring interoperability alone can involve expensive lab resources and personnel. The MSF is a place where service providers and their equipment suppliers come together to design end-to-end network solutions and solve large pieces of the interoperability problem.