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Whitepaper: Mobile Broadband: The Global Evolution Of UMTS/HSPA 3GPP Release 7 And Beyond

by 3G AmericasJan 01, 2008

3GPP Rel-7 also provides new and enhanced Core Network and IMS features. IMS Multi-media Telephony defines a telephony service for Voice and Video over IP, allowing operators to provide telephony services in the packet switched (PS) domain that is consistent with the already existing services in the CS domain. Future evolution to a flatter IP network is being defined through the System Architecture Evolution (SAE) work item in the SA working groups while the new OFDMA based air-interface is being defined through the Long Term Evolution (LTE) work item in the RAN working groups.

Whitepaper: Mobile Broadband Edge, Hspa And Lte

by 3G AmericasJan 01, 2008

This paper from 3G Americas discusses the evolution of EDGE, HSPA enhancements, 3GPP Long Term Evolution, the capabilities of these technologies, and their position relative to some competing technologies. It examines other wireless technologies, including CDMA2000 and Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX). The paper technically compares different wireless technologies with respect to performance and spectral efficiency.

Whitepaper: LR Whitepaper 14

by 3G AmericasJan 02, 2013