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Whitepaper: Migrating Legacy Microsoft Applications to .NET

by Cognizant Technology SolutionsJan 01, 2008

.NET represents a substantial change in the Microsoft technology suite and therefore presents unique challenges for organizations needing to move towards adopting it as a framework for developing Enterprise solutions. A key issue facing most companies with an existing set of Microsoft based systems is to plan a strategic approach to a move towards .NET. This paper presents the conclusions the authors have drawn from their experience with various organizations who have successfully (and not so successfully) managed a move towards .NET.

Webcast: Marketing Analytics for Insurance -- The Next Frontier

by Cognizant Technology SolutionsDec 03, 2013

In the insurance industry, analytics can no longer be limited to the traditional domains of underwriting, claims and distribution management. Today, marketing and customer analytics is poised to play an increasingly important role in achieving key business objectives. Successful Insurance companies will convert customer dialog, behavior and insight into innovative ways to target market and bring relevant products and services.

Will Marketing Analytics become as important to Insurance as Risk or Fraud Analytics? Is the Industry prepared to invest in the people, process and technology necessary to exploit huge opportunities that lie ahead?

Join us for an in-depth webinar and find out how to:

  • Understand the current state of marketing analytics relative to the potential
  • Discover why investments in marketing analytics are lagging behind
  • Leverage 5 ways to bridge the analytics gap and achieve competitive advantage
  • Fulfill the promise of the analytics-led Insurance enterprise

Register for this webinar now to learn how the analytics capabilities of the insurance industry can be extended towards leadership in targeted marketing, product and service development and improved customer intimacy.