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Whitepaper: When the Customer Relationship Is Everything, Businesses Bank on SSL Solutions

by VerisignDec 01, 2014

For large companies, protecting their clients and their assets is a huge responsibility. Whether actually a victim, most individuals see themselves as potential prey to any number of electronic crimes, from an account take-over to credit card fraud or identity theft. All of these threats put financial services organizations at a disadvantage. Customers are wary, unsure of online transactions � especially when financials are involved. And that�s made customer confidence, or the lack thereof, one of the biggest issues financial services organizations face today. Customers need to be confident that they are doing business with authentic entities.

Read this white paper to learn more about SSL Solutions and how they can help your company protect and reassure your clients in this uncertain time.

Whitepaper: Maximizing Site Visitor Trust Using Extended Validation SSL

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

Trust in site security is declining, and consumers are scaling back their online transactions�or opting out entirely. Now, online companies are able to clearly demonstrate their identity and security to customers.

Learn about the EV SSL, the greatest SSL certificate development in the Internet�s secure backbone in over ten years. EV SSL can facilitate online commerce in all its forms by increasing visitor confidence in legitimate sites and greatly reducing the effectiveness of phishing attacks.

Whitepaper: Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business Over the Internet

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

Concern about Internet fraud is a very big deterrent to sales. Online businesses have much to gain by taking steps to overcome customer fears. Fortunately technology is in place today that helps online businesses protect sensitive customer data, authenticate themselves, and build consumer trust�technology that also helps customers differentiate trustworthy Web sites from clones produced by scammers.

Learn how VeriSign Inc. is helping organizations protect critical data and instill trust.

Whitepaper: How to Digitally Sign Downloadable Code for Secure Content Transfer

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

Code Signing helps businesses preserve intellectual property and helps protect consumers from downloading dangerous applications. As a publisher, you must show users that you have implemented strong protective measures.

VeriSign offers a solution that digitally �shrink-wraps� your code with a digital signature. This signature verifies the authenticity of the publisher and the integrity of the product. Digital signatures can be created with a VeriSign? Code Signing Certificate and a platform signing utility. VeriSign provides digital certificates for Microsoft? Authenticode, Office and VBA; Sun? Java; and Adobe AIR.

Whitepaper: Code Signing Certificate for Adobe AIR Applications

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

Adobe requires developers and software publishers building desktop applications for Adobe? AIR� to digitally sign their code. VeriSign? Code Signing Certificates for Adobe AIR build trust by authenticating your identity and validating code integrity. Because VeriSign�s root certificates come pre-installed on most end users� Windows and Mac OS computers, they are trusted by these operating systems.

In other words, VeriSign code signing certificates help software to install smoothly, without triggering the security warnings and error messages that make potential users anxious.

Whitepaper: Fraud Alert: Phishing - The Latest Tactics and Potential Business Impact

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

The potential impact of phishing can be costly for a business � whether an employee or its customers have been attacked or the company Web site has been compromised. Organizations need to stay current on the latest methods employed by cyber-criminals and take steps to prevent this type of fraud.

This paper highlights the current trends in today�s phishing schemes, the potential impact on companies, and insight into how businesses can apply technology to protect themselves and their customers.

Whitepaper: To Increase Downloads, Instill Trust First

by VerisignOct 05, 2014

No matter how exciting your new functionality or the promise of your latest application, individuals and companies are concerned that they may be putting viruses or malware on their machines. Before potential customers can feel comfortable downloading your code, and before most platform and network providers will run it, they need to know two things: Who you are and that your code hasn�t been changed since you published it.

Learn how code signing protects your intellectual property and business reputation, meets the requirements of platforms and network providers, and builds customer confidence and trust.

Whitepaper: Securing the Mobile App Market

by VerisignAug 01, 2014

Developers can protect their code - and their customers - with a straightforward and easy-to-manage technology: code signing certificates. This white paper will detail the rise of mobile applications and why code signing certificates are essential to protecting the entire mobile apps ecosystem.

Whitepaper: Critical Network Capabilities for Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation

by VerisignJul 25, 2014

Due to the evolving DDoS threat, companies are turning to cloud based DDoS mitigation providers, who have built out massive amounts of network bandwidth and DDoS mitigation capacity. Just as important as network capacity is the flexibility and diversity of the provider's network. This paper describes how Verisign DDoS Protection Services relies upon a fully redundant network backbone, purpose-built on multiple diverse 10 Gbps optical infrastructures.

Whitepaper: DDoS Mitigation And DNS Availability Should Be Key Components Of Your Resiliency Strategy

by VerisignJul 25, 2014

DDoS attacks continue to grow in size, frequency and complexity, forcing network-dependent companies to implement a plan for protection. However, the results of a recent research project by Forrester and Verisign show that many companies are experiencing a disconnect between the growing awareness of DDoS attacks and a protection strategy. Additionally, many organizations overlook the connection between DDoS protection and other infrastructure support, such as DNS hosting and management. This report provides an overview of the results of this research, and highlights how both DDoS and DNS tie directly into key business initiatives like customer experience and resiliency, and provide guidance for IT security and operations professionals on changes for processes and technology to improve DDoS attack readiness.