Whitepaper: Real-Time Business: Playing to win in the new Global marketplace

by SAP AGDec 02, 2011

To stay ahead of the competition in a global marketplace, firms are increasingly speeding up operations, in many cases adopting real-time systems and tools to allow for instant decision-making and faster business cycles.

According to a new report from Oxford Economics and SAP, Real-time business: Changing the game in the new global marketplace, which included a survey of 525 business executives worldwide, 30% of companies have already adopted real-time business applications in some way - and 65% that have not yet implemented real-time systems plan to do so in the near future.

Oil and gas firms lead in adoption of such systems; 54% of respondents in that industry say their firms have adopted real-time operations.

Whitepaper: Data Migration: A Best Practices Guide (Bloor Research)

by SAP AGDec 02, 2011

Data migration projects are renowned for running over time and over budget. But data migration no longer has to be a high-risk proposition - if you have the right methodology, tools, and people in place. If you want to improve or consolidate your systems - or introduce new applications to boost performance - you can't avoid migrating data. But you can avoid many of the pitfalls along the way.

Download "Data Migration: A Best Practices Guide to First Steps " by Bloor Research International along with our 5-Minute Data Migration Solution Demo. See how you can:

� Help avoid issues that other Global 2000 companies have faced
� Understand tools and methods to reduce the risk of data migration projects
� Ask the right questions up front to help avert problems
� Experience our new data migration solution in action - from data analysis and extraction to cleansing, validation, and uploading

Whitepaper: Big Data Analytics

by SAP AGDec 02, 2011

Big Data is leading to Big Challenges for many organizations today. Getting a solid understanding of big data analytics - including business and technology drivers - and learning the lessons of successful use cases can make the difference to those organizations seeking the right solution going forward. Learn more by downloading the newly published TDWI Big Data Analytics Report.

Whitepaper: Harvard Business Review Article: Mastering the Management System

by SAP AGDec 02, 2011

Companies have always found it hard to balance pressing operational concerns with long-term strategic priorities. The tension is critical: World-class processes won't lead to success without the right strategic direction, and the best strategy in the world will get nowhere without strong operations to execute it.

In this article, Kaplan, of Harvard Business School, and Norton, founder and director of the Palladium Group, explain how to effectively manage both strategy and operations by linking them tightly in a closed-loop management system, which comprises five stages.

Whitepaper: The Road to BI Success

by SAP AGDec 02, 2011

It's not surprising that BI continues to be a top investment priority, given mounting evidence of bottom line benefits. Yet despite all the benefits available, not all organizations are seeing maximum value from their BI investments.

Both SAP and industry analysts agree that the key success factor for BI projects is an end-to-end strategy � that can help prioritize investments across the company, articulate how BI can solve business pains, deliver more value to users, help eliminate expensive duplication, guide technology decisions, and realize the full potential of individual BI projects.

Download the IDC analyst paper �The Road to BI Success� for concise answers about what is required to reach the highest levels of BI competency and pervasiveness. You�ll learn:

� Why it�s essential to have an enterprise-wide strategy that addresses the needs of both IT and business users and helps everyone in the organization move in the same direction
� How a BI strategy can add value to a process composed of many incremental BI projects
� What factors you should consider when creating a BI strategy � and how to assess your organization�s BI competency and effectiveness

Whitepaper: Business Intelligence for the Small to Medium Sized Business

by SAP AGFeb 01, 2011

Get the latest on business intelligence and how midsize companies can put it to use for competitive advantage. No longer the province of global giants, business intelligence is now both accessible and affordable even for nontechnical people who can use it to improve overall performance.

Whitepaper: Why It Pays to Embrace Consumer Mobile Devices in Your Enterprise

by SAP AGFeb 01, 2011

The forces of consumerization are sweeping over the mobile world, with workers bringing their personal devices into the office and increasingly asking for IT support for those devices. How you respond to this challenge will say a lot about the mobile environment of your organization as a whole, and a lot as well about just how productive these mobile users can be. This strategic PlayBook will offer you very practical ways to grab hold of this mobile trend of consumerization and help your mobile workers to be more effective and productive.

Whitepaper: 6 Mistakes Companies Make and How to Avoid Them

by SAP AGFeb 01, 2011

Answer six questions and find out if your company is making the same mistakes as your peers in a down economy. Determine the level of business intelligence opportunity across your organization and whether a business intelligence solution can improve your organization�s decision making and, ultimately, its performance.

Whitepaper: Business Intelligence for Healthcare: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers

by SAP AGFeb 01, 2011

Read this white paper by Don Tapscott and explore the criteria best-in-class hospitals use for selecting business intelligence solutions. Companies that learn to effectively harness the information generated by their IT systems will enjoy substantial productivity improvements.

Whitepaper: Measuring The Business Value of IT

by SAP AGFeb 01, 2011

In this white paper from SAP, Forrester evaluates four methods you can use to measure the business value of IT. Learn how you can account for more than simple financial metrics like ROI, IRR, or NPV. See how you can capture valuable, intangible benefits like revenue potential, strategic fit, and improved customer satisfaction. Business management software from SAP helps support operational excellence, profitable growth despite tighter margins and better customer relationships.