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Whitepaper: Quality of Spatial Data for e-Government From an Ontological View

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

Discussion on quality of spatial data is traditionally separated in different groups. Data quality mainly covers the observation process and the process of data manipulation. This research paper from Vienna University of Technology investigates the different types of decision processes and shows that processes of e-government must deal with a different type of quality than technological processes. Using the 5-tier ontology one can separate different levels and show how the different aspects of quality emerge and how they influence decisions.

Whitepaper: Low-Complexity Time-Domain ICI Equalization for OFDM Communications Over Rapidly Varying Channels

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

In this paper the Vienna University of Technology has proposed novel equalizers to combat ICI and enable reliable communications even at high Doppler frequencies. In contrast to existing frequency-domain approaches, the universities schemes operate in the time domain. This allows a low-complexity implementation without introducing any systematic channel approximation errors. Numerical simulations illustrate the effectiveness of their approach and show that in conjunction with channel coding their methods achieve significant Doppler diversity.

Whitepaper: Does It Make Sense Using Ajax for a Dynamic XML Table-Editor?

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

Ajax is an approach to create user interfaces for web applications that behave like desktop applications. Vienna University of Technology discusses whether Ajax is applicable on the Dynamic Query Table Editor, a web application that shall be developed within a practical course. The paper summarizes pros and contras of Ajax and what should be considered when using it. Based on extensive comparison of possible features for the user interface with and without Ajax Vienna University of Technology concludes that Ajax is a good choice to enrich the application.

Whitepaper: Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Vs. Component Based Architecture

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

An exact differentiation between Service oriented architecture and component based architecture is hard to make, because opinions on what ""SOA"" exactly is and how it will develop differ. If SOA is seen as a new type of architecture that defines the how-to of assigning interfaces in a servicing way so that these services can be used in a context free way, it doesn’t differ significantly from existing component based frameworks like Enterprise JavaBeans.

Whitepaper: Service-Oriented Architectures and Mobile Services

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

This research paper from Vienna University of Technology gives an elucidation of the Service-Oriented architecture. A general discussion of equivalence between service components is then undertaken, in order to enable an analysis of Service-Oriented architectures for mobile services. The paper proceeds with a mapping of existing mobile services on Service-Oriented architectures. The requirements of mobile services, which must be taken into consideration in the Service-Oriented architecture, are identified from a generic model of mobile services. A Service-Oriented architecture supporting mobile services is proposed.

Whitepaper: Wrapping Legacy Software for Reuse in a SOA

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

Web Services offered within the framework of a Service Oriented Architecture promise to make applications more flexible, easier to compose and cheaper to develop. In this paper it has been demonstrated how legacy code can be reused to help construct such web services. It would be unwise to ignore the vast amount of proven legacy software available within corporations and public administrations, when migrating to a service oriented architecture. The approach described in this paper has been applied successfully for the integration of both COBOL and C++ programs.

Whitepaper: Semantic Lookup in Service-Oriented Architectures

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

In a lookup service, servers can bind a (symbolic) name and/or a set of properties to distributed objects or other distributed resources. The lookup service can lookup these objects by name or by property. Usually it provides the location of the service and other information how to access the service, such as the remote interface or protocols supported. Clients need not know the location of servers but only the location of the lookup service - which can be provided by bootstrapping mechanisms, such as initial references or broadcast messages. All other required location information is retrieved via the lookup service.

Whitepaper: How Laws Affect Data Quality

by Vienna University of TechnologyJan 01, 2008

This research paper explains that when dealing with data quality one usually thinks about geometric or semantic quality. These types of quality emerge from the method of data collection. Legal rules have an influence on both, geometry and semantics. Laws also impose limitations on the data and one usually ignores these limitations. The limitations may have a higher influence than technical aspects. This research paper discusses the different types of limitations laws can impose on data and the effects on data quality. The paper also shows a way to deal with legal influences on data quality.