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Whitepaper: SOx-Compliant Contract Management With ZyIMAGE: Implementing a SOx-Compliant Contract Management Solution With ZyIMAGE Web-Based Records Management

by ZyLAB TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Contract management in public companies is subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOx) act. SOx compliance requires that organizations maintain control and ensure the integrity of their information reporting processes. A DoD5015.2-certified records management application (RMA) meets such SOx requirements. This paper from ZyLAB Technologies illustrates how a contract management system can be implemented with the certified ZyIMAGE RMA solution.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in E-mail Archiving: Using ZyIMAGE as Your Corporate E-mail Archiving and Management Tool

by ZyLAB TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Most people now know and understand the significance of proper e-mail archiving, although many companies and government organizations do not yet have solid procedures and software in place to guide users through an e-mail archiving process. This white paper explains the importance of proper e-mail archiving, particularly in terms of whether an organization wants to archive everything or just a division of all the e-mail that they receive and the ways in which an individual is truly able to retrieve e-mail.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in e-Discovery and e-Disclosure: Using ZyIMAGE as Your Corporate Discovery and Disclosure Tool

by ZyLAB TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Familiarity with discovery and disclosure processes is, by necessity, increasing. Many ZyLAB clients work in, or perform functions consistent with, investigative, intelligence and legal fields, so these clients typically have some type of existing knowledge about discovery and disclosure. However, compliance, auditing and security regulations have forced the corporate sector to enhance its awareness about the importance of discovery and disclosure as well.