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IronPort Systems, now part of Cisco Systems, is a leading provider of email security, Web security and security management appliances for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. IronPort appliances utilize SenderBase, the world's largest email and Web threat detection network and database. IronPort products are innovative and easy-to-use, providing breakthrough performance and playing a mission-critical role in a company's network infrastructure. To learn more about IronPort products and services, please visit:

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Whitepaper: Data Leakage Worldwide: Top Risks and Mistakes Employees Make

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

The findings from a global security study on data leakage revealed that the data loss resulting from employee behavior poses a much more extensive threat than many IT professionals believe. Commissioned by Cisco and conducted by U.S.-based market research firm InsightExpress, the study polled more than 2000 employees and information technology professionals in 10 countries. Cisco selected the countries based on their diverse social and business cultures, with the goal of better understanding whether these factors affect data leakage.

In the hands of uninformed, careless, or disgruntled employees, every device that accesses the network or stores data is a potential risk to intellectual property or sensitive customer data. Magnifying this problem is a disconnect between the beliefs of IT professionals and the realities of the current security environment for countless businesses. The new findings show that "insider threats" have the potential to cause greater financial losses than attacks that originate outside the company.

Mitigating data leakage from insider threats is a difficult challenge. Businesses must take advantage of every opportunity to better understand how employee behavior and intent relates to security issues, and to make security a priority in every aspect of business operations.

Whitepaper: IronPort 2008 Internet Malware Trends Report

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

In 2007, Storm burst onto the scene and rapidly spread. A new form of malware that propagated using a combination of email and websites, it proved extraordinarily sophisticated. Storm and newer malware botnets that build on Storm�s strengths continue to affect and threaten Internet communication. To help explain the spread of Storm and current and future threats posed by similar malware, this report offers an examination of Storm and its history.

Whitepaper: Web Reputation Filters™ Battle the Latest Web Malware Threats

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

IronPort Web Reputation Filters� are designed to combat the dynamic nature of malware. Today�s threats are no longer found as an email attachment. Instead, they are well orchestrated � utilizing social engineering techniques and target legitimate websites. As the first line of malware defense, IronPort Web Reputation Filters analyze more than 5 billion Web transactions daily � blocking up to 70 percent of malware at the connection level, prior to signature scanning. By leveraging its global footprint of URL traffic data IronPort�s Web reputation system is able to offer an industry-leading 60 percent higher malware catch rate than traditional signature scanners.

Whitepaper: IronPort Encryption Technology: Safeguarding Business Email

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

Email has become a prevalent medium for business communications, and its popularity continues to grow. Every day, sensitive information is shared with business partners and customers via email. Although email is critical to the rapid pace of business today, the general lack of message security is a source of concern, both for regulators and business executives.

The more that businesses rely on email, the more critical it becomes to protect confidential email messages from unauthorized eyes. Learn about encryption technology that combines robust encryption with ease of use to ensure that vital business information is properly secured, yet continues to flow freely between senders and recipients.

Whitepaper: 2008 Internet Security Trends: A report on Emerging Attack Platforms for Spam, Viruses and Malware

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

The overall trends in spam and malware can be characterized by a larger number of more targeted, stealthy and sophisticated attacks. This report is designed to help highlight the key security trends of today and suggest ways to defend against the sophisticated new generation of Internet threats certain to arise in the future.

Whitepaper: The Effectiveness of Security Policies

by IronPort SystemsNov 01, 2008

This set of findings from a security study on data leakage revealed that many companies do not have security policies and that security policies that are in place are often ineffective. This analysis provides additional justification for the initial survey findings, which reported that employees around the world are putting corporate and personal data at risk.

The survey included more than 2000 employees and information technology professionals in 10 countries that Cisco selected because of the differences in their social and business cultures. The new findings offer insight into how the use and effectiveness of security policies affect data leakage.

As the lines blur between work and home, data loss has become one of the most prominent concerns for businesses around the world. Creating, communicating, and enforcing sensible security policies is critical to protecting corporate assets.

Whitepaper: IronPort Systems White Paper

by IronPort SystemsJan 01, 2008

Email threats are no longer just nuisance spam that clutters a user’s inbox. Today’s dangers are blended threats - that are not only increasing in volume, but also in the level of sophistication and the potential damage to an organization or an individual. Malware writers are motivated by the desire to profit from these attacks. That often means invading end-user privacy and stealing both corporate and personal information. In order to protect against these threats, IronPort has developed a new solution that does not simply rely on content analysis, but incorporates a more fundamental approach.

Whitepaper: Malware Trends: The Attack of Blended Spyware Crime

by IronPort SystemsJan 01, 2008

IronPort Systems is the leading email and Web security products provider for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000. Malware costs enterprises around the globe billions of dollars every year. These costs come mainly in the form of disruptive side effects - IT help desk requests, desktop cleanup and remediation, system resource consumption. This paper published by Ironport Systems discusses these threats which have also become increasingly sophisticated, the latest being a ""Blended Threat"" - which combines spam, virus and spyware tactics into a single, well coordinated attack.