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Whitepaper: Platforms for Mobile Applications

by Farpoint GroupJul 22, 2008

The 2000s are the era of Infocentricity. While computers and applications used to matter most, today it's information that matters most. Browsers are all you need, providing device independence in a thin client package. What mobile computing paradigm will ultimately win in this climate? What software develpment paradigm is best suited to mobile devices? And how do we best manage mobile platforms?

Whitepaper: Deploying Residential Wi-Fi Wireless LANs: RF Repeaters for Coverage and Reliability

by Farpoint GroupJan 01, 2008

Residential WLANs are used for the same purposes as are their enterprise counterparts - Internet access, peripheral and other resource sharing. The mission of an enterprise wireless-LAN deployment is to provide both coverage and capacity over a fairly large area, using microcellular configurations and thus intra-cell handoffs, residential deployments only rarely have more than one AP. It is thus of significant importance that this single box be able to provide both capacity and coverage over the