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Optical Image Technology's DocFinity suite of integrated workflow, imaging, and document management software helps businesses reduce paper,streamline processes,and improve productivity.We serve customers across the globe in all markets including healthcare, insurance, education, and financial services helping them to achieve greater performance.

DocFinity software integrates seamlessly with line-of-business applications to maximize the use of existing business information. Products include document imaging, electronic forms, e-mail management, workflow, robust Web services, and more. The company has received numerous awards for its products, most recently the 2007 and 2008 ACE awards, and customers have been presented with awards for their innovative use of OIT's products. Businesses aligned with DocFinity can save time and money while yielding maximum efficiency.

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Whitepaper: Business Continuity Planning: Ensuring 'Business as Usual' When the Unusual Happens

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.May 13, 2008

Business continuit - keeping the doors open, no matter what - is a goal that nearly every business owner has, regardless of the type of business. Managing operations effectively, maintaining profitability, and making sure that customers and employees are satisfied are vital elements for business continuity, but alone they do not provide a guarantee against closure. A successful, profitable business that is located in an area where natural disasters are a seldom occurrence does not mean that it

Whitepaper: Software Companies and Quality Assurance: Ensuring A Company-wide Commitment to Quality

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.May 13, 2008

Quality assurance (QA) is an elusive ideal for many companies. Software development companies with a QA staff that listens to its customers face a difficult paradox. They need to meet ongoing requests for urgently needed software while trying to reach the lofty ideal of providing quality products that have been tested as thoroughly as possible.

Sharing the QA approach company-wide is equally important if a company truly wants to give its customers the products and services they

Whitepaper: Using Your ECM System To Simplify Financial And Market Conduct Examinations

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Mar 20, 2008

Over the years, insurance companies have looked to enterprise content management (ECM) in an effort to optimize claims, underwriting, and other processes. ECM, with its ability to manage supporting documents, capture customer policies, and assist insurers with their efforts to minimize paper, has provided significant enhancements to the insurance industry as a whole. Automation, electronic routing, and immediate access to information have shortened turnaround time and given insurers a

Whitepaper: Evaluating "Best Practices" for Electronic Document Management: Tips for Ensuring Successful Implementations the 1st Time

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Feb 01, 2008

This article provides practical considerations for businesses that are considering implementing an EDM solution, including typical components in an EDM suite and tips for choosing solid solutions that deliver what they promise. It also outlines challenges and recommendations for evaluating vendor ?best practices? and cites sources for information about industry-wide best practices in EDM. The goal is to help EDM project champions and managers evaluate technology providers with open eyes and

Whitepaper: Three Common Mistakes that are associated with Document Retention Strategies

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Jan 15, 2008

This article discusses common mistakes that are made in creating document management strategies, and ways to address them proactively. Failure to enact and enforce a company-wide retention policy, substituting a backup system for a data repository, and lack of automation in a company's retention and disposition strategy are all discussed.

Whitepaper: 3 Common Mistakes that are associated with Document Retention Strategies

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Jan 01, 2008

The sheer volume of business information has increased exponentially since the electronic age, and can be a barrier to document retention and timely retrieval. Even email messages are now considered to be corporate records, and, as such, can be admitted as part of litigation. Consequently, retaining all of a company's corporate information is not an option. Companies that are able to implement a successful document retention strategy recognize the need for an enterprise approach. They understand

Whitepaper: Creating a Records Management Policy that is Right for Your Business -- Using Automation to Eradicate Chaos and Facilitate Compliance

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Feb 01, 2007

This paper explains the value of having a solid records management policy, the business challenges in creating it, and practical tips for successful implementation. Records management is a never ending process, but it can be done effectively and efficiently if a clear and well-conceived records management policy is created and managed. Automation is not a substitute for a policy. If a company is still working from paper records, automation will not solve its problems, nor will it improve upon

Whitepaper: Project Planning for Automation -- Creating Vendor/Client Software Solutions Designed to Succeed

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Aug 01, 2006

Anyone who has managed successful IT projects recognizes that their success depends on a well-defined and carefully followed project plan. Despite the call from many companies for management and staff to do their business better, cheaper, and yet faster, this mandate should never result in careless or substandard project planning. Quickly planned projects may save staff time and money initially, but in the end, the project will be poorer, more expensive (due to corrections to the initial plan),

Whitepaper: Face Fear to Implement the Right Software for Your Organization

by Optical Image Technology, Inc.Mar 01, 2006

The biggest hindrance to implementing a new technology doesn?t lie in the bells and whistles the technology has or doesn?t have; it lies in the fear of change. The fact that companies aren?t doing more with technologies like document management has more to do with people than it does with the technology?s limitations or cost. Fear of change is a very real thing, and if technology isn?t chosen and implemented with that in mind, you?ll never get buy-in from your users, and buy-in is