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Wavium develops, markets and sells intelligent optical crossconnects - OXCs. By exploiting the OXC functionality to the full extent, we enable the telecom operators to substantially improve the utilization of their existing network resources. Our unique solutions have proved to be very cost-effective. The cost of an optical port is the lowest in the industry, and our sophisticated management system combined with the intrinsically high flexibility of OXCs keep the OPEX at a minimum. Wavium was founded in 2000. Operations are based at the Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Wavium's key application is an extremely economic approach to upgrading congested SDH transport networks. This is described in details in the White Paper. A brief summary of the application is given here:

SDH add-drop multiplexers and crossconnects are inherently inefficient when it comes to bypassing STM-16 traffic because they terminate the optical signal and divide it into a number of smaller units, which are processed and switched separately. Instead, the smartest and most cost-effective path to grow and automate an existing SDH based transport network is to enhance the SDH nodes with optical crossconnects. These can handle whole wavelengths, while sub-STM-16 grooming and switching is left to the existing SDH crossconnects.

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