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Five9, Inc.

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Latest Content From Five9, Inc.

Webcast: Why an Integrated Contact Center is Critical for Customer Experience

by Five9, Inc.Feb 13, 2019

Talk about improving your customer experience is meaningless if you don’t have appropriately integrated systems and applications to deliver that experience. Your agents need Contact Center, CRM, WFO, and UC/collaboration integrated in order to deliver world-class customer service. In this webinar, Sheila McGee Smith and Five9 will help you identify which integrated systems have the most impact on agent performance, and how to make sure your solution is as efficient and effective as possible to support amazing customer experiences.


Webcast: Empowering Contact Center Agents through Better Analytics

by Five9, Inc.Nov 20, 2018

More now than ever, contact centers are using performance and KPI results to motivate and channel agent behavior. Some examples include real-time analytics of customer interactions, improved customer data analytics, and agent performance analysis tools. Contact centers that deploy these statistics to agents can gain the competitive advantage that comes when agents understand how their activities impact the overall success of their teams and company.

Join No Jitter, Five9, and Nemertes Research to learn how next-gen agent analytics are tied to improving customer satisfaction and success, as well as reducing agent turnover.

Webcast: Laying the Foundation for AI in the Contact Center

by Five9, Inc.Aug 08, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) will provide many of your contact center’s most important competitive advantages—and you need to start laying the groundwork now in order to deploy AI effectively. This webinar will offer critical advice on the two prerequisites for practical AI in the contact center: Moving to the cloud and integrating your CRM with your contact center.

Sheila McGee Smith, leading contact center industry analyst, and Scott Kolman, VP of Product Marketing at Five9, will discuss ways you can start planning your transition to the cloud and leverage the opportunities that AI presents.