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Phosistor Technologies Inc.

PHOSISTOR TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., established in late 2000, is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high-quality photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with broad applications in metropolitan and long haul optical networks. Integrated components and subsystems are expected to replace discrete components because they reduce network costs in the long run. Just like electronics, the advantages of integration include reduced part counts, simplified packaging, smaller footprint, as well as increased functionality and reliability.

Phosistor’s core technologies address the two major bottlenecks of photonic integration, i.e., the challenges of integrating active and passive devices on the same chip, and the complexity and cost of coupling PICs with the outside world. In both cases, Phosistor’s proprietary technologies revolutionize the processes, leading to potentially much lower manufacturing costs.

The founding members and senior management of Phosistor Technologies Inc. have many patents and inventions to their credit, and extensive experience in technology innovation and product development.

During the 3rd quarter of 2001, the company closed its first institutional round of funding led by top-tier VC’s: Draper Fisher Jurvetson and DFJ ePlanet Ventures. Given the hostile market conditions, this successful funding exercise is a testament to the team and the technologies at Phosistor.

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