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NEC Eluminant Technologies, Inc., acquired by Zhone Technologies

There’s a bright light in the “last mile” access marketplace. It’s NEC Eluminant Technologies, Inc. (eLUMINANT®), created to be an entrepreneurial player in the evolving broadband access market. With a strong portfolio of proven access systems as well as R&D activities focused on innovative new fiber-access products, the company combines established leadership and experience with the lean structure and drive to quickly meet customer needs.

Key Activities and Services:
The company's mission is to remove broadband access bottlenecks using fiber optic technology. eLUMINANT is a leader in the research and development of products based on passive optical networking (PON), the technology that will enable fiber-to-the-business, as well as to the curb and to the home. The company is supporting and enhancing its current product line of digital loop carriers, multiplexers and other access products while introducing advanced new offerings such as VISTA®, which provides a bridge between existing copper-based loops and fiber optics; and FiberSLAM™, a dynamic ITU FSAN-compliant passive optical network system.

Web Address:

Corporate Headquarters:
NEC Eluminant Technologies, Inc
14700 Avion Parkway
Chantilly, VA 20151
Tel: (703) 834-4000
Fax: (703) 834-4984

For more information:
Holly Pollinger
[email protected]

Phone: 510-777-7000
Our Website:


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