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Tamir Fishman Ventures

2494 Sand Hill Road, Suite 100
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: 650-234-4163
Fax: 650-234-4125

Tamir Fishman Ventures is a leading Israeli venture capital group committed to building next generation innovative Israeli and Israel-related technology companies through value-added partnerships. Tamir Fishman Ventures is focused on making primarily early stage investments, as well as selective seed and late stage investments, in companies operating in the Communications, Software & Internet infrastructure segments. With a successful track record, strong partners, enhanced networking and a highly experienced technology-savvy management team, Tamir Fishman Ventures is uniquely positioned to provide real value in helping portfolio companies develop into global market leaders.

A leading Venture capital group
With over $200 million under management in two funds - Eucalyptus Ventures and Tamir Fishman Ventures II, the Tamir Fishman group is one of Israel's largest venture capital groups. The group’s success stories include Chromatis which was sold to Lucent for $4.8 billion (the largest exit by an Israeli company) and Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR).

Lead Investors
Priding itself on being technology-savvy and responsive, Tamir Fishman Ventures has the ability to take investment decisions independently and is inclined to lead the vast majority of the transactions it invests in. With Tamir Fishman & Co. – Israel’s largest investment bank and an affiliate of RBC Capital Markets - as the fund’s chief sponsor, Tamir Fishman Ventures is well positioned to assist portfolio companies in valuable industry int \roductions and attracting additional value-added investors.

Experienced Team With offices in Tel Aviv and the Silicon Valley, the Tamir Fishman Ventures dedicated team of 15 professionals and active ventures partners combine for well over 100 years of cumulative experience in the management of technology companies spaces relevant to the groups investment areas of interest.

Investment Characters

  • Geographic Focus: Israeli or Israel-related privately held companies.
  • Investment Segments: Communications, Software & Internet infrastructure
  • Target Solutions: Innovative IP-rich technology-intensive solutions or components aimed at solving infrastructure problems
  • Stages: Primarily early stage companies with selective seed and late stage investments
  • Size of the Investment: Between $3 to $10 million per portfolio company
  • Lead Investor: We lead over 90% of our deals, and take an active role thereafter

    The group’s portfolio investments include the following companies: Chromatis (sold), Radware (NASDAQ), Veon (sold), Viryanet (NASDAQ), Mysticom, Xaact, Allot, Teleknowledge, Expand, ModemArt, CopperGate, Sagita, Voltaire, Celight, Mercado, Proficiency, CTI2, Trellis Photonics and Commil.

    Phone: Tel: 972-3-714-8444
    Fax: 972-3-560-5010
    Our Website:


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