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Whitepaper: Policy and Legal Implications of Spyware and Data Privacy

by EDUCAUSEJan 01, 2008

For years computer viruses have threatened industrious use of personal computers, challenging users and support providers to Prevent and recover from viral attacks. Now another type of computer malady has began to enter popular realization spyware. Typically, analyses of spyware focus on technical issues or provide pointers to resources for detecting and removing unwanted software. Equally important are the legal and policy issues colleges and universities need to consider in assessing institutional responses to spyware on campus. Institutional policies must address both computer usage and compliance with federal and state laws.

Whitepaper: Mentors: Making a Difference for Tomorrow’s Leaders

by EDUCAUSEJan 01, 2008

When one thinks of the classic mentor, one thinks of that wise and trusted counselor who provides a protege with practical advice and encouragement to take on new challenges, and who regularly shares his or her wisdom and experiences. However, a relationship with a mentor or mentors can take on many different forms. It can develop around a particular issue or problem, such as an IT manager learning the ropes of personnel management from a particularly interested or helpful human resources specialist.