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Mindspeed Technologies

Mindspeed Technologies™, the Internet infrastructure business of Conexant Systems, Inc., designs, develops and sells a complete portfolio of semiconductor networking solutions that facilitate the aggregation, transmission and switching of data, video and voice from the edge of the Internet to linked metropolitan area networks and long-haul networks. Products, ranging from physical-layer devices to higher-layer network processors, can be classified into two general categories: Access products and Wide Area Network (WAN) transport products.

Access products include multiservice access gateway solutions, including for voice over Internet Protocol (IP), and a broad family of multi-megabit digital subscriber line (DSL) products that are used in a variety of network access platforms such as remote access concentrators, voice gateways, digital loop carriers, DSL access multiplexers and integrated access devices.

WAN transport products, focused on packet-based optical networks, include T/E carrier devices, ATM and SONET/SDH transceivers, switch products, network processors and software solutions. The products are used in a variety of network equipment, including high-speed routers, ATM switches, optical switches, add/drop multiplexers, digital cross-connect systems, and dense wave-length division multiplexers.

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