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Velio Communications

Better communications across the board™

Velio is enabling developers of networking, communications and storage systems to create the next-generation routing and switching architectures for data and voice communications.

Velio’s product line includes:

Zeus™ SONET/SDH Grooming Switch family
Performing sub-lambda grooming at the core of an optical switch is critical to next generation systems. The VC2002 Grooming Switch is a 72 x 72 x STS-48 device delivering 180Gb/s of STS-1 grooming.

Crosspoint Switch
Transparent switching is critical deep in the core of the network. Velio’s VC3003 Crosspoint Switch provides the key features for such multistage switching systems. Its 140 x 140 x 3.2Gb/s size provides 450Gb/s of switching capacity.

Data EOS™ Serializer/Deserializer IC
Velio led the way in high-density SerDes with the introduction of the VC1003 operating at 3.125Gb/s at a very low power of 1.9 watts. Velio SerDes provide high-density solutions for challenging backplanes.

SONET EOS™ SONET/SDH Serializer/Deserializer
Velio’s VC1021 and VC1022 convert a SFI-4 bus to four 2.5Gb/s serial lanes. The VC1022 has two sets of 2.5Gb/s outputs, permitting hitless switching between the two banks of I/O.

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