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Teradiant Networks, Inc.

Teradiant Networks develops Network Processing Engines (NPEs), semiconductors that guarantee line-rate packet processing and traffic management at bandwidths up to 40Gbps. These semiconductors enable the convergence of multi-service and IP networks by allowing networking OEMs to build highly scalable switch and router platforms.

Teradiant's TeraPacket™ family of NPEs consists of Multi-Service Packet Engines (MPEs) and Multi-Service Traffic Managers (MTMs) in 10Gbps duplex, 20Gbps duplex and 40Gbps simplex configurations. These chips offer line-rate performance, flexibility, and easy scalability, combining the best features of custom-designed ASICs and network processors (NPUs). The MPE is highly configurable through tables and registers that can be set for the intended application, adapting it to a range of core, edge and metro applications, while enabling deployment in significantly less time and manpower than is required with an NPU. The MTM offers QoS for a large number of queues and priority management for providing VoIP, VPN and other value-added services. Working together, the MPE and MTM provide a comprehensive packet processing and traffic management solution. The MTM is also fully compatible with NPUs and packet-processing ASICs.

Teradiant is unique in offering OEMs packet processing and traffic management chips for 10Gbps, 20Gbps, and 40Gbps. With TeraPacket, OEMs can develop single-linecard solutions with up to 40Gbps processing capacity, providing verifiable advantages in lowering the power consumption, cost, and real estate requirements of their equipment.

For more information, contact Teradiant at (408) 519-1700 and ask for Sales.

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