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Waveguide Solutions

Waveguide Solutions develops, designs and manufactures planar lightwave circuit and micro-optic solutions. The company is leading the next generation of monolithic optical component integration utilizing its proprietary solid-state technology which allows easily scaleable, micron-scale fabrication of both passive and active components integrated in a multi-layer wafer platform. This platform gives Waveguide the ability to mass-produce customized Optical Application Specific Integrated Circuits ("Optical ASIC") for a variety of growth markets including optical telecommunications/data communications components and devices as well as life science/micro-fluidics components.

Our focused application specific solutions from design stage through mid-volume production, provide you with rapid access to leading-edge photonic materials, process design and wafer-scale manufacturing technologies, while minimizing your own investment in development, production and personnel. These coupled with unique technology transfer strategies ensure a successful transition to high-volume production of wafer scale, integrated photonic designs and circuitry.

Waveguide is developing a line of standard optical components and custom integrated products to address the needs of the rapidly growing and increasingly complex metro optical network market. As the Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) revolutionized the telecom industry in 1991, Waveguide's technology platform will transform the metro market through its waveguide-based integration of active and passive functionality. Resulting products will include multi-layer waveguide structures supporting functional elements such \ as tunable lasers, waveguide amplifiers, arrayed waveguide devices, interconnects and switches.

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