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interNetwork Inc.

Wilhelmstrasse 62
65183 Wiesbaden
++49 [0] 611-970099-30

interNetwork, Inc. - Real Traffic Testing Solutions Across OSI Layers 2-7

interNetwork provides software-based testing solutions to help businesses assess their network components in both pre- and post-deployed environments. Our flexible and scalable testing tool, smartTest, creates real users and tests with real traffic, allowing customers to stress their product in the exact manner it’s used in the field. smartTest enables quick and accurate detection of device/application weaknesses and performance bottlenecks down to the IP level.

We are the first to offer DHCP over ATM and L2TP testing, based on real users, for NEM's and Telco’s worldwide. Testing DHCP over ATM, customers can now measure the quality of their infrastructure performance, take advantage of VPN's and other topologies, to deploy scalable and secure networks.

We offer extensive protocol coverage for the following product packages: DSLAM/CPE, Broadband Access, L2TP, Router Switch QoS, Firewall/Security, Load Balancer and Service Level Monitoring.

smartTest V1.9 is certified by Sun Microsystems, assuring customers that it meets high levels of performance, security and availability. Since our inception in 1999, interNetwork has helped customers worldwide turn networks into reliable and productive foundations for business.

For additional information, p \lease contact us at [email protected].

Phone: (415) 354-4900
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