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KEYMILE is a leading manufacturer and provider of Next-Generation Access Systems with integrated central network management. More than 16 million access lines in over 100 countries confirm KEYMILE's competence in Multi-Service Access Systems in the global ETSI market. MileGate implements Triple Play services in the access network and allows network operators to combine existing with new telecommunications services, such as for example IPTV or Video-on-Demand. The Multi-Service-IP DSLAM is the basis for Triple Play services and brings together interfaces for Ultra-High-Speed-Internet, for telephone and data services The integrated Voice-Media-Gateway makes easy migration of existing telephone customers to VoIP-networks possible. In an IP-DSLAM-systems comparison of Heavy Reading, MileGate comes out top in the category "Medium-sized IP DSLAMs".

The Multi-Service-Access Platform UMUX, with its large variety of interfaces and functions, supports all existing and future voice and data services for public and private network operators in a single network element. The system can be configured for every network topology. With the integration of Ethernet-over-SDH, a VoIP-Gateway and IP-DSLAM-functions, UMUX provides the most important components for successful migration to the Next-Generation-Network. The services then available encompass conventional telephony, broadband internet access and leased lines right up to new services such as Ethernet-VPNs and Voice-over-IP.

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