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Hitachi Metals America, Ltd.

Hitachi Metals is one of the major members of the Hitachi group companies, endeavoring through the medium of its materials to create new components and devices in all the industrial and telecommunications fields. The company's growth is a reflection of its strong marketplace acceptance. These results from a combination of advanced technology, superior customer service, and the ability to provide custom-designed products that meet the exact needs and specifications of customers.

Our Corporate Value
       We seek to preserve and enhance:
... Our customer's trust in us by fulfilling our responsibilities.
... The unleashing of our imaginations and energies, coupled with tenacious execution.

Products of Hitachi Metals
Hitachi Metals' lines of business are very broad, embracing electronic and IT components, high-grade metal products, casting components for automobiles, construction components; plant and equipment, and environmental system products.

We attribute this diversity to the overriding importance we have attached to the accumulation of technological innovation, which found us various kinds of added value in Hitachi Metals' unique technologies, and also to fresh ideas responsive to changes in the market.

We will continue to produce components and systems that make best use of the characteristics of materials on the basis of what only materials can do and what we can do with materials.

Phone: 408-467-8900
Our Website:


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