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An Internet built on an agile optical architecture will economically provision, monitor, protect and transport massive bandwidth flows to support emerging broadband services such as voice, video and distributing computing - while reducing network equipment costs and operating expenses. Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switches are at the heart of this new Internet, establishing all-optical, low-loss connections between fibers. This makes it possible to build and operate networks that cost effectively scale, supporting new bandwidth-hungry, low latency services while they enable operators to dynamically reconfigure network connections to quickly and efficiently meet changing bandwidth demands.

Network engineers use Glimmerglass switches to provision DWDM connections for individual wavelengths between routers. These "cut-through" optical paths across a network greatly improve applications performance. Alternatively, network operators rely on Glimmerglass to remotely monitor network performance across dozens or hundreds of fibers at once. When a problem occurs, they can remotely connect-in diagnostic equipment such as an OTDR and trouble-shoot broken connections. Additionally, test engineers at many of the world's leading communications companies rely on Glimmerglass to "re-fiber" their entire test labs with a single click. Such automation utilizes expensive equipment and testing staffs far more efficiently compared to pulling, cleaning and connecting optical fibers by hand.

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