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Lynx Photonic Networks

Lynx Photonic Networks is the leading photonic communications subsystems company with its own patented switching and light management technology. By marrying Lynx multi-function photonic solutions with traditional optical-electrical-optical (O-E-O) system approaches, telecommunications systems vendors can now deliver cost-effective, scalable, flexible, data rate and protocol transparent next generation switching solutions. Our fully integrated subsystems come with a rich software development environment that enables higher levels of system integration and rapid integration and development cycles.

Our products accelerate the introduction of next generation switching applications within metro core carrier networks including:

  • Optical Protection Systems
  • Dynamically Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (C-OADM)
  • Optical Cross-Connects (OXC)

Lynx's patented Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) technology approach offers the systems vendor a reliable switching subsystem with no moving parts or material state-changes. PLC technology allows for current and increasing future integration of multiple optical components residing on the same optical chip, which means better performance, increased control and improved reliability from less components, less fibers, less connectors, less power requirements. This also means less heat, less physical space occupied in a chassis, and significantly lowers equipment acquisition and ownership costs.

Established in late 1998, Lynx Photonic Networks Inc. is headquartered in Southern California, with a support office in New Jersey., and a fully owned, R&D subsidiary in Israel, with world class \team of physicists, design engineers and network system specialists.

Phone: 818/878-7500
Our Website:


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