Webcast: Workload Automation Trends and Best Practices in 2012

by ORSYPJul 16, 2012

Workload Automation has been a much overlooked discipline, but is finally taking center stage in the data center. Regarding workload automation software as a commodity means turning a blind eye to an important aspect of IT service delivery.

Whether or not SLAs are met, depends as much on the successful and timely completion of background processing as it does on the actual health and responsiveness of enterprise applications.

How can you make sure your workloads are optimized and in compliance with your business requirements?

Find out when you join EMA Senior Analyst, Torsten Volk, for a discussion on the 2012 trends in workload automation and how these trends contribute to better connecting workload automation to business processes.

Whitepaper: Job Scheduling Under Linux

by ORSYPJul 16, 2012

The Linux job scheduler Cron is very Spartan in terms of functionality. To control and monitor its automatic processes on a professional basis it is necessary to call on special solutions such as Dollar Universe. This makes batch processing not only more efficient but also platform-independent.

Whitepaper: EMA Radar™ for Workload Automation (WLA): Q2 2012

by ORSYPJul 16, 2012

Industry analyst EMA has published its latest Radar report on the Workload Automation (WLA) market. The findings are based upon an in-depth analysis of leading workload automation vendors that focused on architecture & integration, functionality, deployment & administration, vendor strength as well as cost advantage.

Whitepaper: Modernizing Job Scheduling, IT Infrastructure Application & Workflow at Ocean Spray Cranberries

by ORSYPJul 16, 2012

Ocean Spray, the leading producer of canned and bottled juice drinks in North America, chose Dollar Universe to automate their infrastructure architecture for their mission critical Warehouse Management System.

Ocean Spray benefits from end to end automation, which reduces risks and time while increasing visibility and transparency.

Whitepaper: The Truth Behind Vmware Virtual Infrastructure Performance

by ORSYPJul 10, 2012

Most tools on the market today that are designed to measure this activity use too few metrics, and do so in units of time too large for accurate measurement; nor do they offer an in-depth view inside of the "guest" operating systems.

The Sysload white paper points out that performance data gathered directly from these guest operating systems offers the greatest value in measuring actual physical server performance.

Whitepaper: Capacity Management & Lean Six-Sigma

by ORSYPJul 10, 2012

With the help of Lean Six-Sigma methodology, capacity management can be used to consciously eradicate capacity waste. Based on operational feedbacks, this white paper shows how capacity management activities can systematically identify and eliminate IT waste. It also provides directions for using lean methodology in capacity management as a means to reach even greater efficiency.

Whitepaper: Finding a Smart Alternative for Enterprise Scheduling

by ORSYPJul 10, 2012

Switching to a single enterprise scheduler will reduce software costs and benefit from faster run times, fewer errors with staff spending less time maintaining jobs and fixing problems.