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Skybox Security's automated security risk and compliance management solutions help IT organizations pinpoint and prioritize security risks, compliance and availability exposures within minutes. These solutions automatically collect and analyze comprehensive data about network topology and systems, configuration settings, threats and vulnerabilities - anticipating the most urgent IT concerns before harm has been done.

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Webcast: Is Your Vulnerability Management Program Keeping Pace With Risks?

by Skybox SecurityDec 05, 2013

To effectively reduce the risks of cyber attacks, comply with continuous monitoring requirements, and provide visibility to executives, organizations need to manage their vulnerabilities and associated risks continuously. This is required in order to match or exceed the daily rate of attacks.

Why bother to assess your risks every 90 days when new threats are unleashed every day?

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Transform vulnerability discovery

Webcast: Next-Gen Firewall Management - Take advantage of advanced threat protection with IPS

by Skybox SecurityNov 22, 2013

Next-generation firewalls offer robust protection against complex attacks by integrating firewalls with intrusion-prevention systems (IPS). In a recent survey, nearly 95 percent of respondents said embedded threat-protection was among their top reasons for moving to a next-generation firewall platform.

Yet many enterprises are still hindered by transitioning policies and other firewall-migration challenges. Also, most are still only in the early stages of understanding how IPS

Whitepaper: Skybox Security Survey:Next-Generation Firewall Management

by Skybox SecurityApr 03, 2013

Organizations struggle to realize benefits of next-generation firewalls

Learn what IT professionals had to say about adopting and migrating to next-generation firewalls at their organizations, including adoption drivers, priorities, and the challenges they encounter.

The Skybox Security Next-Generation Firewall Survey 2012, conducted in conjunction with Osterman Research, polled more than 200 respondents worldwide in varying information security and C-level roles involved

Whitepaper: Skybox Security Vulnerability Management Survey

by Skybox SecurityApr 03, 2013

Survey reveals pitfalls of traditional vulnerability scanners

Learn what IT professionals had to say about vulnerability management programs at their organizations, including how often and what zones they scan, and the challenges they encounter.

The Skybox Security Vulnerability Management Survey 2012, conducted in conjunction with Osterman Research, polled more than 100 IT decision makers including security managers, and network and systems engineers involved in

Whitepaper: Rule-Driven Profiling:A Next-Generation Approach to Vulnerability Discovery

by Skybox SecurityApr 03, 2013

Vulnerability scanning, or the process of identifying a list of known security gaps in the network environment, is the focal point for most enterprise vulnerability management programs. Before any action can be taken to assess risks or prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation ? you have to know the extent of your vulnerability challenge.

The use of vulnerability scanners as security assessment tools is nearly ubiquitous in large organizations. Regular network scans are recommended

Whitepaper: The 451 Group Impact Report: Skybox Enters Vulnerability Management Space

by Skybox SecurityApr 03, 2013

New vulnerabilities are discovered at a rapid rate, so in order to discover and defend against them, companies conduct vulnerability scanning. However, the frequency and coverage of scans provide increasing challenges for some organizations. Active scanning can be disruptive if conducted excessively, and there are some parts of the network that companies don't feel comfortable scanning at all. In order to address this problem, Skybox Security has introduced what it refers to as its