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Webcast: How the Volcker Rule is Transforming Wall Street: Deadlines, Compliance Challenges & Unintended Consequences

by SapiensJun 03, 2014

Wall Street has shuttered proprietary trading desks in response to the Volcker Rule, and now broker-dealers must implement major changes to IT, operations and processes around sales and trading. As firms prepare to meet the September 2014 and July 2015 deadlines, they can learn more about the widespread impact of the Volcker legislation, and what to consider when developing their compliance strategy. Join CEB TowerGroup analyst, Dushyant Shahrawat and Jim Heinzman of Sapiens for a thought-provoking web discussion on June 25th.

At this webinar you can expect to:

  • Discover the unintended consequences of the Volcker Rule – lost opportunities and new technology costs
  • Hear how the rule will have a sweeping impact on global economics, market structure and competition on Wall Street
  • Weigh and consider business model changes that can generate alternative profit sources
  • Learn tips for developing a sustainable compliance strategy and meeting deadlines
  • Analyze the impact of the Rule on liquidity, volatility and market competition

Whitepaper: Achieving Technology Self-Sufficiency Requires a Marathon, Not a Sprint

by SapiensFeb 07, 2013

As insurers work to achieve self-sufficiency, they need to proceed with eyes wide open. They should be well prepared, and take stock of both their organization, and the vendor's organization and solution offering.