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Trillium Software empowers claims professionals to analyze the universe of previously untapped data in free-form text fields and electronic documents across all claims files. Effectively harnessing this information fundamentally shifts the way insurance companies make decisions, improving their ability to reduce millions in claims costs and improve customer satisfaction in an uncertain economic environment and highly competitive market. Our Claims Data Quality solution improves key processes, such high-exposure claim notification, cycle time reduction, bad faith allegation monitoring, and evaluation of adjuster performance, among many others. For more information about Trillium�s broad range of solutions for insurance companies, visit

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Whitepaper: Electric Insurance Company Increases Operational Efficiency with Trillium's Claims Solution

by Trillium SoftwareOct 26, 2014

Electric Insurance is using Trillium's Claims Solution to automate previously manual processes for identifying high risk claims and is now able to complete these processes in hours, not days. The time saving allows Electric Insurance to focus additional management resources on training and mentoring adjusters to help ensure proper loss reserving practices are followed and the highest claim quality is achieved.

Trillium's Claims Solution provides Electric Insurance the unique ability to derive continuous, actionable insights from their full universe of information, including free-form text, as claims files mature. The results are proactively delivered to claims personnel to help identify potential risks and make informed decisions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Video: Automate Analysis of Documents Received by Claims Department

by Trillium SoftwareMar 08, 2013

Automate the analysis of information hidden away in documents received by your claims department, such as bad faith allegations, time limit demands and department of insurance inquiries, that have strict deadlines and require specialized handling.

Our 5 minute presentation reviews examples of how you can:
� Identify critical documents, match them to the correct claims file and meet all deadlines
� Avoid higher loss settlements, punitive awards, and unneeded legal fees
� Strengthen relationships with customers and improve your business

Whitepaper: Be Aggressive: How Insurance Executives Can Fight Back Against Increasing Costs, Risk and Fraud by Analyzing All of Their Data

by Trillium SoftwareMar 04, 2013

Despite investments in the latest claims management systems, data warehouses and analytical tools, you are overlooking valuable information hidden away in free form text fields such as claims adjuster notes and documents in electronic formats such as PDFs.

This white paper demonstrates how insurance companies can access and analyze the 50%+ of your claims data that is just out of reach.

• Reduce annual claims and LAE costs by millions of dollars
• Avoid millions of dollars in awards and attorney fees by controlling bad faith exposures
• Increase customer retention rates to drive millions of dollars to your bottom line
• Improve underwriting by flagging high risk claims information in real-time
• Save millions of dollars annually by optimizing fraud detection

Video: Watch Now: Save millions in claims loss dollars, increase customer retention

by Trillium SoftwareFeb 14, 2013

Every time your company contacts a customer is an opportunity to solidify a relationship, or drive them to a competitor.

By analyzing the cycle time and quality of all customer touch points, from FNOL to settlement, you can fundamentally shift the way you interact with the people critical to your future growth and profitability.

• Save millions in claims loss dollars
• Grow revenue through increased client retention
• Improve liability investigations

Whitepaper: Is Your Claims Management System Falling Short of Expectations?

by Trillium SoftwareFeb 12, 2013

After investing millions of dollars and countless hours over multiple years to implement, is your claims management system providing the information and analytical capabilities that you need?

By analyzing adjuster notes and content in electronic documents - the 50%+ of information that is often overlooked by a claims management system - you can gain unprecedented insight into your claims operations.

Read this paper and learn how to leverage this information to reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency without replacing your CMS.

Whitepaper: Time for Action: Leveraging Untapped Claims Data Sources to Lower Workers' Compensation Costs

by Trillium SoftwareFeb 12, 2013

Why are you making decisions with information based on only 50% of data available in your workers' compensation claim files?

Read our white paper and learn how to automatically pinpoint indicators for drug abuse, obesity, malingerers and other red flags across all of your adjuster notes and free form text fields.

•  Reduce costs by identifying people pre-disposed to
    longer-than-needed recovery periods
•  Enhance client satisfaction by speeding return-to-work
•  Minimize fraud by uncovering questionable attorney-provider relationships