Unlike cloud-only file sharing solutions, Egnyte is an enterprise-class file sharing solution with IT control over where files are stored. IT can choose between storing files in local storage, in Egnyte, or in other hosting solutions (S3, Azure, etc). Egnyte with local storage provides a significantly improved user experience compared to cloud-only file sharing solutions because of 25 times faster file access, avoiding saturation of internet connection, and no change to user mapped drive behavior. Egnyte also simplifies file sharing for IT by leveraging existing folder structures and access permissions to those folders as well as providing granular compliance reporting.

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Whitepaper: Why Businesses Prefer Egnyte Over Accellion

by EgnyteApr 25, 2014

Learn how Egnyte provides a unified solution for 100% of your files - in the cloud or on-prem instead of a fragmented approach. Robust security, real-time sync, granular controls, and overall simplified user experience are just some of the reasons.

Whitepaper: Financial Services Firm Chooses Egnyte over Box and Dropbox

by EgnyteMar 15, 2014

True North advisors wanted a file sharing solution which was simple and had enterprise grade security. After finding multiple security holes in Box and Dropbox they chose Egnyte as it provided superior security controls and deployment flexibility.

Whitepaper: Checklist from ESG to Compare Online File Sharing Solutions

by EgnyteMar 15, 2014

Asking the right questions is critical in selecting an online file sharing solution. This ESG brief, provides a checklist of questions and criteria around administration, security, service, and support to help IT professionals pick the right solution

Whitepaper: Egnyte Vs. Box - Which is Better for Business?

by EgnyteMar 15, 2014

By providing complete access control with granular permissions, deployment flexibility, mapped drive support, and ability to transfer large files, Egnyte provides a more robust, secure and an affordable file sharing solution for the business than Box

Whitepaper: An Enterprise File Sharing Platform which is both Simple and Secure

by EgnyteMar 15, 2014

When employees share files in the cloud without IT control, they put corporate data at risk. This brief discusses the need of an enterprise file sharing platform which provides flexibility of cloud file sharing along with comprehensive data protection.

Whitepaper: ESG Study Validates Need for Hybrid Online File Sharing Solution

by EgnyteMar 15, 2014

Learn why companies that adopted the public cloud approach are now looking at alternative deployment models for online file sharing. Research shows 97% cloud adopters prefer a hybrid solution which gives them more control over their data.

Whitepaper: Hybrid Approach Offers Solution to File Sharing Dilemma

by EgnyteJun 18, 2013

As IT and users fight the data deluge brought on by big data, social networks and multimedia, the benefits of implementing enterprise-class file sharing quickly come to light.

Almost every business has had to deal with mailbox bloat: attachments ranging from presentations to videos that end up in the inboxes and outboxes of email systems. Beyond clogging mail server arteries, the constant email barrage can leave collaborating teams wondering which versions of what document have the latest changes. Many organizations have turned to free file sharing services, only to discover that their lack of security, authentication and central control can introduce new levels of risk that far outweigh the reward. Enterprise-class file sharing solutions need to offer simple authentication of authorized users, ideally based on existing enterprise directories.

Fortunately, a "best-of-all-worlds" solution exists to bring all constituents into the corporate fold while offering the best possible performance in every environment. A hybrid on-premises and cloud approach to file sharing and synchronization unlocks new capabilities not possible until now, including uninterrupted online and offline access, integrated mobile workflows and a global view of all shared files regardless of where data resides.

Whitepaper: Collaboration Imperative Leads To Hybrid Solutions

by EgnyteJun 18, 2013

The bring-your-own-device phenomenon has led to many productivity gains, but it has also brought its share of challenges. An increasingly mobile workforce - one composed of remote employees, business partners and customers all requiring access to business-critical information - has resulted in a growing number of software-as-a-service and mobile platforms that IT must support and integrate with what's behind the corporate firewall.

To achieve some measure of collaboration, some individuals and groups have turned to unmanaged and unsanctioned cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox, much to the dismay of IT executives who then must identify and mitigate a host of security, governance and data-leakage challenges that consumer-grade sharing and collaboration sites can present. Meanwhile, companies that continue to rely solely on on-premises collaboration solutions are likewise challenged to meet the demands of their ever-widening circle of constituents outside the firewall.

Fortunately, a new solution in the form of hybrid on-premises and cloud collaboration platforms is taking shape. These platforms combine the familiarity and benefits of on-premises collaboration tools, such as low-latency and high-speed transfers, with the ubiquity and scalability of cloud-based platforms that integrate seamlessly with corporate directory structures, security schemas, and access methods and protocols.

Whitepaper: Data Security Best Practices

by EgnyteMar 15, 2013

Company data is one of the most valuable assets of any business. So it's no surprise data protection is at the top of every IT checklist when it comes to file sharing and storage. But what are the necessary steps to stop a data breach as it's happening? And most importantly, how can companies proactively prevent data breach in the first place? Learn why file server attacks happen and best practices to avoid data intrusion for any business.

Whitepaper: Global Collaboration Without VPN

by EgnyteMar 04, 2013

Learn how Learfield Communication has leveraged a combination of over 50 local storage devices and the cloud to provide access to files from any of these local storage devices to employees using smartphones, tablets, and computers - even when these devices don't have a network connection.