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Whitepaper: Introduction to Mozilla Firefox

by ICESoftJan 01, 2008

This paper will cover the most accepted features and settings in Mozilla Firefox, a separate open-source browser developed by the makers of the Mozilla Suite (combination email and browser). The Download Manager is a feature of Firefox that allows one to track and manage one’s past and current file downloads. It is a handy way to escape the clutter of multiple downloading windows while still preserving access to download statistics. When one downloads a file from the Internet, Firefox will open the Downloads window to display the progress of the download.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Ajax - Transcend the Hype

by ICESoftJan 01, 2008

This paper from ICESoft examines various levels of Ajax development that the enterprise developer might entertain, and explores some of the pitfalls that will be encountered along the way. It describes key concepts around Thin Client Ajax, and shows how ICEsoft’s ICEfaces technology can position enterprise developers to deliver rich Ajax features in their applications today. It also describes how these capabilities can be added incrementally to existing JSP applications.

Whitepaper: Rich Web Applications With Java and AJAX

by ICESoftJan 01, 2008

In the early era of enterprise computing there were no trade-offs made with regard to an appropriate application model. There was only one option - a thin-client model leveraging centralized servers and delivering presentation to the user via a dumb terminal. This paper explores the possibility further through the examination of current trends, dissection of the underlying problem, and the introduction of an approach that delivers a superior user experience to web-based enterprise applications, while minimizing the total cost of ownership of those applications by preserving the thin-client model.