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Whitepaper: 7 Ways to Address the Gaping Data Security Hole in Your Supply Chain

by GT NexusAug 01, 2015

The fast-emerging Chief Data Officer role is the authority on all things data management and data governance. The challenge has been that different departments store their own data independently, with their own policies and tools, including practices for data distribution. With the rise of big data investments, combined with a string of high profile data breaches at some of the biggest company names in the world, data is front and center. Data security is a top priority within the enterprise.

Whitepaper: Creating a Common Foundation for the Agile Supply Chain

by GT NexusMar 13, 2015

Today's supply chains are anything but simple. Made up of hundreds of partners spanning continents and oceans, they contain a bewildering number of moving parts. Disruptions—like strikes, natural disasters, economic sanctions, etc.—can bring a supply chain to its knees. Even normal market fluctuations in demand, particularly of today's volatile sort, can cripple a business. The only insurance against this is to create an agile supply chain that can parry unexpected events. Since

Whitepaper: Using Communities to Bridge Partitions

by GT NexusMar 13, 2015

Partitions are natural in business. Each employee has a specific role, and each division specializes on a specific product or function within the enterprise. These partitions often become more fragmented over time. Multi-enterprise operations add another dimension to these partitions, one that unnecessarily decreases efficiency while increasing costs. As it relates to transportation management in today's supply chains, a community approach can bridge these partitions, increasing visibility

Whitepaper: Focus on Customer Experience from a Global View of Supply Chain

by GT NexusMar 13, 2015

Customer experience is critical to today's supply chains. Unique supply chain needs require detailed attention. In scenarios where disruptions occurring within a silo impact on-time delivery, companies want to be proactive. The more proactive a company is, the better chance it has of preserving the customer experience. Creating a global connected view means knowing what is happening much further up the chain, so better decisions can be made. A platform approach to transportation management and a

Whitepaper: The Internet of Things Supply Chain

by GT NexusDec 05, 2014

Imagine a world where physical objects exchange knowledge and cooperate together like teammates to achieve unparalleled business efficiency. From textile looms to shipping pallets to store shelves, everything in the supply chain would sync, automatically, to optimize operations.

The Internet of Things is bringing about that world at a furious pace—very soon over 26 billion devices of all shapes and sizes will be connected to the Internet. Retailers and manufacturers will face

Whitepaper: The Procure-to-Pay Process - Overlooked and Underappreciated

by GT NexusAug 24, 2014

Manufacturers and retailers seek new ways to partner with suppliers to ensure their health, strong performance and optimal delivery of inventory. IDC points out that P2P is a key step in achieving these goals by enabling better planning, execution and access to capital for suppliers. This paper explores how P2P is no longer just enabling automated procure-to-pay processes. P2P is increasingly filling a void in retail and manufacturer programs to achieve supply chain transparency, collaboration,

Whitepaper: Supply Chain Visibility in Business Networks

by GT NexusAug 24, 2014

Company leaders have placed priority on supply chain visibility and agility, yet rank their own performance in these areas as low. Current IT infrastructure and extensive ERP spend are not closing that gap between goal and reality, particularly with external trading partners.

Whitepaper: Omnichannel Supply Chain

by GT NexusAug 24, 2014

As physical and online shopping options increase, retailers are strengthening their supply chains to meet customer demands across this widening array of channels. To ensure products are available when and where the customer shops, omnichannel retailing requires centralized, real-time inventory visibility, a seamlessly integrated order management system, and store-based delivery hubs for personalized experiences.

Whitepaper: Collaboration 2.0: The Empowered Supply Chain

by GT NexusAug 24, 2014

The word collaboration has taken on a new meaning as cloud technology reshapes sourcing and planning in the apparel world. Apparel execs are meeting omnichannel demand with a new, critical eye on financial collaboration to better fund suppliers, forecasting and replenishment data across many partners, and the agility required to react quickly to customer needs.