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Whitepaper: ATI Catalyst Graphics Drivers and WDDM: Leading the Way to Windows Vista

by ATI TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

ATI’s new Windows Vista driver model substantially increases the performance, stability and visual look-and-feel of the entire Windows Vista experience. ATI has not only spent considerable effort preparing for the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) through the development of features such as GPU recover and Virtual Command And Memory management (VCAM), but ATI has also played a key role in the development of new key WDDM features that enhance Windows Vista security and makes enhanced use of ATI graphics hardware.

Whitepaper: ATI CrossFire Technology

by ATI TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

ATI CrossFire technology offers the most advantageous means available of combining multiple high performance Graphics Processing Units in a single PC. Combining a range of different operating modes with intelligent software design and an innovative interconnect mechanism, CrossFire enables the highest possible level of performance and image quality in any 3D application. ATI CrossFire technology takes a novel approach to improving upgradeability. It is designed such that a Radeon CrossFire Edition board can be connected to any existing model, configuration, or brand of PCI Express graphics card that uses a Radeon X800 or Radeon X850 series GPU.