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Checkmarx is constantly pushing the boundaries of Application Security Testing to make security seamless and simple for the world's developers while giving CISOs the confidence and control they need. As the AppSec testing leader, we provide the industry's most comprehensive solutions, giving development and security teams unparalleled accuracy, coverage, visibility, and guidance to reduce risk across all components of modern software — including proprietary code, open source, APIs, and infrastructure as code. Over 1,600 customers, including half of the Fortune 50, trust our security technology, expert research, and global services to securely optimize development at speed and scale. For more information, visit our website, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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Latest Content From Checkmarx

E-Book: Open Source Security: The Ultimate Guide to Software Composition Analysis

by CheckmarxFeb 17, 2021

Open source software has facilitated the rapid evolution of application development and shortened development cycles. As with any new advancement in technology, there can be risks associated with open source components which organizations must identify, prioritize, and address. Security vulnerabilities can leave sensitive data exposed to a breach, complex license requirements can jeopardize your intellectual property, and outdated open source libraries can place unnecessary support and maintenance burdens on your development teams.

Today, organizations need deep insight into open source security vulnerabilities affecting their software, with risk severity metrics, detailed vulnerability descriptions, and remediation guidance to mitigate the risk of exploitation.

This eBook is designed to help organizations, management teams, security practitioners, and developers understand Software Composition Analysis (SCA) in depth.

Research Report: Top 10 Security Technology Trends to Watch, 2020

by CheckmarxNov 19, 2020

Application security tools' integration with the CI/CD pipeline is No. 1 of the top 10 security technology trends Forrester expects will shape the security technology landscape in 2020.

Read this report to learn:

  • How integration and automation of application security testing mitigates process gaps;
  • What you should do about it now; and
  • The other top security and risk technology trends you should be watching.

E-Book: The Modern Approach to Developer AppSec Awareness and Training

by CheckmarxOct 19, 2020

This guide shows you how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of traditional AppSec training, and embrace the benefits of gamified, in-context, interactive learning that can be integrated into developers' daily activities.

  • Discover why traditional AppSec training often fails
  • Explore the power of gamification, integration, and contextual learning
  • Learn what to ask an AppSec training solution vendor
  • Calculate your ROI for an effective AppSec training program
  • Understand how to launch and run your own program today

Research Report: Meetup Vulnerabilities: Escalation of Privilege and Redirection of Funds

by CheckmarxOct 05, 2020

Recently, the Checkmarx Security Research Team was looking for API security issues in high-profile web applications, including

In this report you will learn in detail about:

  • The API issues found
  • The serious cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities
  • How these vulnerabilities together could put users at risk