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Whitepaper: Drive More Value From Your IT Assets

by Service NowJul 21, 2013

You can make your life simpler when you automate your entire IT Asset Management (ITAM) lifecycle and Software Asset Management (SAM) in one system of record. You'll also reduce costs, eliminate wasted resources, improve compliance, mitigate security risks, and drive standardization.

Whitepaper: Next Gen IT and the Cloud

by Service NowJul 12, 2013

Find out how next-gen IT solutions are flexible, intuitive, social and powerful - and how IT in the cloud will help your organization not only keep up with today's complex IT ecosystem, but manage it more efficiently than ever before.

Whitepaper: How Modern Custom Applications Can Spur Business Growth

by Service NowJul 12, 2013

This white paper outlines four key challenges to business growth, and explains how modern custom applications built with the ServiceNow Service Automation Platform can help to address these challenges effectively.

Whitepaper: Three IT Imperatives CIOs Use To Drive Change Throughout the Enterprise

by Service NowJun 28, 2013

CIOs who have been successful in bridging the divide between IT operations and business did it by accelerating the transformation of IT. ServiceNow documents three common IT imperatives that leading CIOs use to drive change and assert themselves as strategic leaders in the business.

In this white paper, you will find out how to:

• Consolidate to drive enterprise visibility and standardization

• Enable intuitive, approachable and business friendly IT

• Automate to accelerate IT responsiveness and innovation

Whitepaper: Guide to Social IT Basics

by Service NowJun 28, 2013

When IT organizations utilize social media, it can efficiently help more people inside and outside the data center quickly access more services and knowledge. Combined people's knowledge and good will and the essence of information technology service management (ITSM) can be more fully realized.

Webcast: Software Asset Management

by Service NowJun 28, 2013

Unauthorized software, painful software license compliance audits, long fulfillment times, limited visibility, unaccountability... if these issues sound familiar, you are not alone. These are real challenges faced by many IT organizations - with serious consequences if not properly addressed.

During our Software Asset Management webinar you will learn how having asset, configuration and other service management processes together in one system of record provides the control and visibility you need to overcome these challenges.

Webcast: The ServiceNow Service Automation Platform

by Service NowJun 28, 2013

Learn how savvy enterprises, like, Verisign and Omnicare, use ServiceNow as a platform to enable business users to rapidly create applications with IT's full guidance and support.

During this webinar, you will discover how ServiceNow is enabling organizations to increase their competitive agility, user satisfaction and productivity, all while enhancing IT's value to the business.

Webcast: Fall in Love with Configuration Management

by Service NowApr 30, 2013

A robust configuration management database (CMDB) is the heart of a successful service knowledge management system. It is the faithful source of configuration details and relationships people rely on to manage services throughout their lifecycle. Like personal relationships, building and maintaining an effective CMDB is a commitment that requires care and attention to get the best value.

Webcast: Hitting Your Targets with Service Catalog

by Service NowApr 30, 2013

Providing a good online shopping experience starts with understanding customer needs and expectations in order to deliver suitable goods and services. Employees expect a similar experience with a Service Catalog.

An effective business service catalog captures employee needs and communicates negotiated service offerings and service level agreements. However, hitting service level targets requires more than just listing services. It's essential to provide an automated self-service portal and open communication.

Webcast: Building a Business Case for Service Management & Automation

by Service NowApr 30, 2013

As an IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leader you understand the business and IT impact of service management and automation (SMA). SMA done right will improve staff productivity, increase the quality of services, reduce operational costs, and improve the overall IT organization?s reputation with the business. That is why building the business case to secure funding and executive support for SMA is critical.