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Whitepaper: Accelerate The ROI Of Your VoIP Investment

by InterwiseJan 01, 2008

Enterprise conferencing may be the killer application for corporate VoIP initiatives. This increasingly popular IP technology enhances the value of IP telephony infrastructures by unifying voice, Web, and video conferencing into a single enterprise-wide application. Add this application to the VoIP strategy creates immediate - and significant - economic benefits, drives highly visible productivity improvements, and increases security for key business communications. Expensive, complex, and time-consuming infrastructure and desktop equipment upgrades hit the IT budget well before any measurable ROI.

Whitepaper: Set Conferencing Free: Bring the Benefits of Unlimited Conferencing to Everyone in Your Company

by InterwiseJan 01, 2008

Gartner describes conferencing and collaboration as ""Birthright"" workplace gears for high-performance companies, tools that are collectively useful and should be deployed in some form to almost everyone in the company. Interwise shares Gartner’s vision of giving conferencing and collaboration tools to everyone in the project. This white paper summarizes the value of broadly dispensing these tools and explains how to do this efficiently, securely and affordably in the existent world.