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Whitepaper: HSS - Faster .NET: A .NET Development Framework for Delivering the Quality .NET Solutions Quickly

by Hanu SoftwareJan 01, 2008

The Hanu Software Solutions’s Faster.NET solution set is an example of their ongoing journey of achieving this objective. This also means that technology aligned COE are capable of delivering significant competitive advantages to a business organization if managed and operated with internationally recognized processes with professionalism and focus on service mind set. This paper describes one of the examples of how technology centric solution centers add exceptional values to business solutions that are offered through specialized Center Of Excellences aligned along technology streams.

Whitepaper: HSS’s .NET COE: A Technology Centric Business

by Hanu SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Despite all the attention given to returns on IT investments, little progress has been made in linking all the elements of IT to what the business is trying to do. Managing IT investments, and demonstrating its value to the businesses are more challenging than ever, and most businesses seem to be losing ground. This paper is about Hanu Software Solutions’ (HSS’s) experience and corresponding strategies of being and becoming technology centric business organization. The paper introduces reader to .NET Center Of Excellence (COE) overview.