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Level 3 Communications is a global communications provider headquartered in Broomfield, Colo. The company builds, operates, and maintains a global network to deliver managed solutions for enterprises, carriers, and governments, including fiber-based infrastructure and data center solutions, IP-based voice and data communications, video and content distribution, security solutions, and cloud-based data center services. Level 3 services customers in more than 60 countries spanning six continents.

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Whitepaper: How You Connect To The Cloud Matters

by Level 3 CommunicationsAug 30, 2016

The right strategy: Regardless of the cloud provider or solution architecture you choose, Level 3 will help you understand your options and develop a low-risk cloud deployment strategy built around your specific business needs.

Whitepaper: Mission Critical Apps in the Cloud and New Connectivity Challenges

by Level 3 CommunicationsAug 30, 2016

Organizations considering a cloud initiative need to closely consider network performance between users, applications and their cloud services. Level 3 delivers improved performance and more for businesses connecting to cloud solutions.

Whitepaper: 5 Signs Your Cloud Connection Is Mission-Critical Ready

by Level 3 CommunicationsAug 30, 2016

Is your cloud connection "mission-critical" ready? It all depends on the types of applications you're running in the cloud, and how important they are to the productivity of your people and the success of your business. Public, private or hybrid, there's a lot to know, but where do you start?

Whitepaper: Efficient Cloud Connectivity Ensures Optimal Cloud Computing

by Level 3 CommunicationsAug 30, 2016

For several years now, retail, media/entertainment, financial services, and other consumer businesses have been delivering valuable services using the cloud. From websites to mobile apps, these companies have been using the public Internet and cloud-based services like Web hosting and content delivery networks (CDNs) to deliver both the front-end customer experience and the back-end processing and functions to scale more quickly.

Whitepaper: Where are You on the Path to Unified Communications?

by Level 3 CommunicationsJun 08, 2016

In a tangle of acronyms, applications, carriers, and features, your complex business voice systems are still about the one thing: a simple conversation. It's where business starts and gets done. Read this white paper to learn more.

Whitepaper: Safeguarding the Internet

by Level 3 CommunicationsJun 08, 2016

Today, none of us are immune to the impact of botnets on Internet-connected organizations. There is ample validation that monitoring the communications patters between command-and-control servers and their intended victims is vital.

Whitepaper: Network Security Playbook Guide

by Level 3 CommunicationsJun 08, 2016

You've seen the headlines: cyber breaches at major corporations jeopardizing confidential information for millions of users; highly targeted spear phishing campaigns delivering malware deep into networks; and DDoS attacks at e-Commerce companies causing loss of revenue and brand damage.

Whitepaper: Own Your Defense: Network-based Security from Level 3

by Level 3 CommunicationsJun 08, 2016

The sophistication, persistence and global nature of today's complex cyber threats require a more effective defense. Our approach is rooted in the idea that we're all stronger when we work together to take on these increasingly difficult challenges. Read this paper learn more.

Infographic: The Top 5 Security Threats to Your Business

by Level 3 CommunicationsJun 08, 2016

Cyber security breaches are more common now than they have ever been. While they don't all make news headlines, they affect numerous businesses every single day. What exactly are these threats? How are they carried out and how can they impact business? The Level 3 Advanced Threat Intelligence team has identified the top five most common security threats that you should know about. Download this infographic to find out more.

Infographic: Executive Viewpoint: Choosing Your Connection to the Cloud

by Level 3 CommunicationsOct 14, 2015

Why a private network connection to cloud-based applications is the right decision for your enterprise.