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Whitepaper: Achieving the IP Call Center Promise Through Route Optimization Technology

by Network ServicesJan 01, 2008

The paper published by IPCC describes that the customer call center is the heart of any business because it interacts with the lifeblood of the business. It also describes that it is by agents to answer questions, request payments, up-sell, inform, support and reach out to customers. It also outlines the functional components and features of the IPCC, and discusses how the implementation of Internap Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization solutions can provide network reliability, consistent optimal connectivity, and 100% network uptime for critical customer support, while providing infrastructure cost savings.

Whitepaper: Redundant Power Supplies, a Path to Failure?

by Network ServicesJan 30, 2008

A common practice in today�s mission critical data center environment is to equip servers with dual power supplies for improved reliability. However, if improperly implemented, it could increase the likelihood of power failure.

In a "perfect" scenario, such a as a Tier 4 Data Center, there are 2 completely independent power paths, each comprised of items 1-6. Each path and the items in the path must be capable of supporting 100% of the entire Data Center load by itself. This represents true 2N redundancy, which means that no single point of failure will interrupt the operation of the Data Center equipment.

Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to operate a Tier 4 Data Center. While we would all like to have complete power system redundancy, cost usually forces some trade-offs. While we try to ensure the highest level of system fault tolerance within budget restrictions, this usually means that although servers have dual Power Supplies, there are not two completely independent paths for items 1-5.

The more common scenario is two rack level PDUs and that (hopefully) each of the server's PS cords are plugged into a different PDU. This creates a "sense" of redundancy for most administrators. In reality, this is where the hidden exposure to power problems starts.

Research Report: How To Keep Things Cool In Your Data Center: 11 Tips For Summer

by Network ServicesJul 23, 2008

Now that summer is here, your heat worries turn to your data center. Is everything really being kept cool enough to be safe? Julius Neudorfer, director of Network Services for North American Access Technologies, provides 11 tips on how to keep things cool.

Research Report: Optimizing Server Energy Efficiency

by Network ServicesMar 05, 2009

Energy efficiency in the data center is the hot topic of the day. We all want the fastest, most powerful servers for our data center. We want to optimize, virtualize, and consolidate in the name of making our data centers more efficient and green. Here, Knowledge Center contributor Julius Neudorfer examines several key components that impact the total energy a typical server utilizes, as well as what it really costs to operate a server and how to optimize the energy efficiency of your server.

Whitepaper: Energy Star For Server 1.0: The Unexpected Impact On Data Center Efficiency

by Network ServicesMay 15, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the first version of the Energy Star specification for servers. Now, how fast can we adapt? It was created through a solid collaborative effort between government and major equipment vendors. The spec addresses many areas of power usage and waste in the power supply (and redundant power supplies) for servers. Until now, there has been no standard for server power supply efficiency.

Whitepaper: Deconstructing the CDN: An Executive's Guide to High-Performance Web Delivery

by Network ServicesJul 21, 2011

This white paper attempts to simplify the decision tree by outlining the main features and functions of CDNs relative to different types of content.

The goal is to help you understand the feature set that is most important to your required functionality so that you can make more informed decisions.

Ultimately, when your target audience can't view and interact with your online presence, they go elsewhere. Sometimes they go to your competitor. Sometimes they lose interest in whatever they were searching for, and sometimes they'll pick up the phone and use more costly, "high-touch" forms of customer service that impact your bottom line. But rarely do they come back to your website.

With some knowledge about how CDNs work and the features that will facilitate your objectives, you're well-positioned to implement a CDN that will not only boost your online presence, but yield measurable efficiencies - and keep up with increasing expectations.

Whitepaper: Nine Considerations When Choosing a Managed Hosting Provider

by Network ServicesJul 21, 2011

Selecting the right managed hosting provider for your business is a critical part of your success. This white paper provides a roadmap for companies who are in the process of choosing a managed hosting provider. It is also designed to provide a definitional framework of the solution set and to address some of the common misconceptions about hosting.

Whitepaper: eBook: A Colocation Buyer's Guide

by Network ServicesAug 15, 2011

Whether you're determining if colocation is the right fit for your business or you are currently in the process of selecting a colocation provider, you'll find this eBook an essential must read for making the right decision for your business.

Whitepaper: Future-Proofing Your Data Center Investment with Scalable Density

by Network ServicesSep 21, 2011

Download this complimentary white paper for a detailed exploration into how scalable density designs can extend the life of your colocation investment and improve the TCO of your colocated solutions and infrastructure.

Whitepaper: Customer Success Storybook

by Network ServicesSep 21, 2011

Is your IT Infrastructure reaching its limits? Read this eBook today to learn how leading enterprises have leveraged Internap's services to gain a competitive edge.