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Whitepaper: Metric Strategy

by Merced SystemsMar 18, 2008

Merced Systems focuses on the following facets in this presentation: customer operations performance management; metric strategy; dependence of metric strategy with data and reporting; metric strategy best practices and pitfalls; and business impact.

Whitepaper: Contact Center Process Improvement: Taking Control of the Game

by Merced SystemsJan 01, 2008

Applying performance management concepts and applications, today’s leading contact centers are taking control of the game and managing their operations more efficiently and effectively. Leading contact centers are linking statistics and best practices in similar ways to better manage their own operations. Contact center managers are asking themselves key questions: How can the organization benefit from understanding and using statistics more intelligently? What decisions can one standardize to help scale the operation and make it more efficient? And, how can the organization work together more efficiently as a team? Fundamentally, this is performance management - driving behavior change in organizations through the use of data.

Whitepaper: Data-Driven Management and Transformation: Performance Management Methods in Contact Centers

by Merced SystemsJan 01, 2008

Performance management adoption has grown rapidly in the recent environment of cost reduction, transparency, and compliance where access to data and early detection of problems and trends is mandatory. And the concept has gained popularity with the increased adoption of methods for process improvement and excellence, such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. Performance management is about thinking of people and tasks in new ways and putting in place the right tools and processes to drive performance toward specific goals. It’s about moving away from casual or intuitive management to management by data and facts.