Ensighten boosts marketing agility with the industry�s first Real-Time� Tag and Data Management System, built for sophisticated enterprise websites. Ensighten�s cloud-based tag delivery accelerates page-load times and processes billions of tag requests from 75,000 Web domains across 150 countries, representing more than $30 billion in ecommerce for more than 100 Fortune 1000 brands.

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Webcast: How to Really Put Big Data to Work

by EnsightenAug 27, 2013

It’s hard to escape the hype around “Big Data” and the big promise that all that data can generate powerful and profitable intelligence. But marketers struggle with the complexities of centralizing data in order to understand customers and execute compelling campaigns.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Impact the customer experience at the point of interaction
  • Get more from analytics investments with complete insight across channels
  • Understand customers and execute compelling personalized campaigns

Register for this webinar to learn how to put data to work. Find out why the big buzz around big data is justified as Best-in-Class companies enjoy the benefits of behavior-based segmentation and targeting along with real-time offer management.

Whitepaper: Empowering Optimization Through Tag Management Solutions

by EnsightenJun 24, 2013

If you haven't explored the benefits of website tag and data management, now is the time to discover it.

With the rapid adoption of website optimization and personalization solutions in the last few years, digital marketers have faced serious marketing and technical execution challenges. Efficient workflows, execution, and overall test management continue to be a struggle, and according to Web Analytics Demystified, the biggest hurdle is instrumenting the website with the testing vendor's tags.

Download this report to learn how Sony, Symantec, and are leveraging Ensighten's Tag Management System (TMS) as the foundation of their optimization programs, making it dramatically easier to:

•  reduce the burden of tagging the site
•  refine testing strategies
•  customize out-of-the-box implementations
•  persist test winners

Whitepaper: Boosting Enterprise Agility with Tag and Data Management

by EnsightenJun 24, 2013

Marketing agility is critical for enterprises that interact with their prospects and customers via a wide array of channels. Enterprises that deliver static, un-optimized experiences are losing consumers and market share to more nimble competitors that have mastered the art and science of consumer interaction in the digital age.

Marketing agility relies on three pillars that enterprises must have in place:

1. Rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative through any channel or device
2. Harness true one-to-one marketing to make every consumer interaction fully personal and relevant
3. Deliver satisfying experiences that drive engagements and conversions.

This whitepaper outlines how to build and sustain these three pillars and achieve true marketing agility for your organization.

Whitepaper: Advanced Use Case: Sony Electronics

by EnsightenJun 24, 2013

Target site users with a personalized experience

Creating more personalized web experiences is vital to growing revenue, especially for large enterprises.

This means the number of marketing technologies to vet, deploy and manipulate keeps growing. The volume of tags and websites to manage is exploding. And the pressure to optimize everything is relentless.

In this use case, see how Sony Electronics uses Ensighten to improve website performance, reduce customer acquisition cost and improve customer retention and conversion rates through site personalization.