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Whitepaper: The Public Sector Cloud Perspective

by DLT SolutionsJul 07, 2014

Over the past decade, there have been several technology revolutions that have improved the way the public sector agencies do business-from client/server computing to virtualization, from virtualization to the Internet, and from the Internet to today's cloud computing. Learn what David Blankenhorn, Chief Cloud Technologist at DLT Solutions, has to say about the role of cloud computing, and how PaaS in particular plays in helping public sector agencies become more flexible and efficient while saving valuable capital dollars, and more.

Whitepaper: Oracle Engineered Systems for Govies eBook

by DLT SolutionsJun 22, 2014

Government organizations face constant challenges with database servers, storage networks, business applications and network infrastructure. In this ebook, you will discover how Oracle Engineered Systems optimizes hardware and software configurations by combining servers, storage, and networking equipment in integrated boxes.

Whitepaper: Primary Storage De-duplication with Storage Foundation 6.0

by DLT SolutionsJul 11, 2013

Data is growing exponentially, leading to runaway storage costs. Learn how Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation helps you control these costs by bringing compression to the file system.

Whitepaper: Veritas Storage Foundation from Symantec

by DLT SolutionsJul 11, 2013

Veritas Storage Foundation from Symantec maximizes storage efficiency, data availability, operating system agility, and performance across heterogeneous server and storage environments. Storage Foundation maximizes the use of primary storage to reduce complexity and improve optimization.

Whitepaper: What's New in Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12

by DLT SolutionsJul 11, 2013

Discover features of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 12, a data security solution that monitors, protects and manages data wherever it is stored or used. Agencies can protect their information against loss and theft, comply with data privacy laws, and safeguard their reputation.

Whitepaper: 2013 Cost of a Data Breach Study

by DLT SolutionsJul 11, 2013

This report analyzes data breach experiences from nearly 300 companies in nine countries and sixteen industries worldwide.This one-page executive summary highlights the key findings and examines some important changes and the necessity for a data loss prevention solution.