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Duo Security makes two-factor authentication radically easy to deploy, use, and manage. Modern attacks target user accounts in order to gain access to both their individual data and entire�company networks.

Duo empowers any web, IT, or network administrator to easily protect their organization from account takeover and data theft-at a fraction of the cost and implementation time of other two-factor�solutions. Our cloud-based service requires no hardware or software installation at your site and leverages users' mobile phones for secondary authentication, making it the easiest two-factor�authentication solution for both users and administrators. �

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Whitepaper: Two-factor authentication: Security for an age of zero trust

by Duo SecurityJul 26, 2013

A shift in the information security paradigm is well underway. We operate in an Age of Zero Trust, where the lines of trusted or untrusted users are becoming increasingly hard to credibly define. In this whitepaper you will learn about the increased risks and exposures caused by the de-perimeterization of computing and the failure of passwords. In addition, you will learn how weak authentication can sabotage other security measures, and why strong two-factor authentication should be your first line of defense against security breaches.