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Whitepaper: The City of Bonn is building a protective shield against unknown malware code

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

The protection of confidential data is of the highest importance in the municipality — and it's taking an innovative direction. 

  By choosing the HP Sure Click solution, the city is safeguarding the end devices of its employees — and thereby the confidential data of citizens — from previously unknown malware code.

  Learn more about this endpoint security solution that relies on isolation and containment to protect end users and their endpoints, versus relying on detection.

Whitepaper: How to Plan for Endpoint Security Against Ever-evolving Cyberthreats

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

Endpoints have become a frequent target for cyberattacks and represent a weak link in many organizations' overall security posture. This guide explores the reasons why your endpoints could be at risk and highlights the opportunities to combat these threats.

Read on for guidance on security requirements that should be included in your next RFP and the questions you should ask to strengthen the security of your devices, data, and identity to protect your business against ever-evolving cyberthreats.

Whitepaper: Zero Trust with HP Wolf Enterprise Security

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

The concept of zero trust was coined a decade ago and has steadily and legitimately evolved to enter the modern enterprise IT security architecture. In this document, HP presents an overview of zero trust and discusses how HP furthers this concept for PC endpoints.

Research Report: Quarterly Threats Insight Report

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of the HP-Bromium Threat Insights Report. The report reviews notable malware trends identified by HP Sure Click so that security teams are equipped with the knowledge to combat emerging threats and improve their security postures.

HP Sure Click Enterprise is deployed on desktops and laptops, capturing malware and allowing it to run inside secure containers called micro-virtual machines. Adding isolation to the endpoint security stack transforms your endpoints into your strongest defense, while giving network defenders a unique advantage to be able to track and understand malware that tries to enter your networks.

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Infographic: Secure, Connected Employees, Resilient Government Agencies

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

The recent experience of extended remote work illustrates how workarounds can result in bad work experiences, diminished productivity and increased security risks. To ensure the resilience of operations, employees need to work remotely without missing a beat. Here are some of the technologies that can reimagine workspaces and help agencies ensure that employees are connected, productive, collaborative and secure.

Whitepaper: The Connected Employee: Ensuring the Security and Resilience of Government Operations

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

As a result of the recent crisis, the world of work has changed in sudden and dramatic ways, including shifts that are challenging the security and resiliency of workplace infrastructure. 

Millions of people had to abandon offices to work from home and other remote locations. Now as some settle in to optimizing their WFH habits, others will now look to work in a more hybrid office & home environments. 

Read on to learn more about learnings and best practices to keep government employees secure and productive in the midst of workplace reinvention.

Whitepaper: Nation States, Cyberconflict and the Web of Profit

by HP Enterprise SecuritySep 02, 2021

The world of Nation State cyberconflict and cyberespionage is covert by nature. Finding evidence of how such players operate, what tools they use, what motivates them and how they gain supremacy has always been challenging. 

Therefore, the HP is excited to share this study from Dr. Michael McGuire, Senior Lecturer of Criminology at the University of Surrey in the UK, which shines a light into how the Nation State cybersphere is evolving.

  As the severity, sophistication, scale and scope of Nation State activity continues to increase, we need to reinvent security to stay ahead. This will require a more robust endpoint security architecture built on zero trust principles of fi ne-grained segmentation coupled with least privilege access control. We are all in the crossfire now, so it's critical that every business does what it can to protect itself and its wider network. 

Read on to learn more.