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Whitepaper: About Closed-Door Free/Libre/Open Source (FLOSS) Projects: Lessons From the Mozilla Firefox Developer Recruitment Approach

by Creative CommonsJan 01, 2008

In this white paper the author presents five new arguments for why groups may wish to organize this way. The first argument is that developers simply do not have the disposable time to evaluate potential members. The next two arguments are based on self-selection-by setting tough entry requirements the project can ensure that it gets high quality and highly persistent programmers. The fourth argument is that expanding a group destroys the fun. The fifth argument is that projects requiring diverse inputs require a closed door approach.

Whitepaper: Wireless Technologies and Development in Africa

by Creative CommonsJan 01, 2008

The paper demonstrates the need for a new mechanism to measure mobile phone access in developing countries, like those in sub-Saharan Africa by distinguishing ’access’ from ’subscription’. Advances in the area of wireless technologies have the potential of transforming communication initiatives especially, in the developing countries of Africa that are characterized by a dilapidated telecommunications infrastructure. Through these technologies, it is now possible to bring wireless access to remote and disadvantaged communities. It is also significant that costs for wireless technologies continue to drop, making wireless connectivity increasingly affordable.