Whitepaper: Data Quality Issues in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

by BDNAMar 24, 2014

A Configuration Management Database is only as good as the data inside it. Unfortunately, most CMDBs are filled with data that's outdated, inconsistent, or incomplete.

This report highlights the findings of a close look at the data sources and patterns in the IT hardware and software market. What a careful look at the numbers tells us is this: data in most CMDBs is not clean - and without clean data, you cannot get the results you want and need from your CMDB.


Whitepaper: Bad Data is Costing You Millions of Dollars

by BDNAMar 24, 2014

Bad data is like a bad habit - it drains your resources while you're not looking. Businesses are losing millions of dollars every year due to bad data. But most organizations either don't think they have a data quality problem, or don?t understand the actual financial impact of bad data.

This white paper will look at what bad data is, what it is costing you, why your current solutions are not working, and how you can solve the bad data problem, with specific focus on IT product data.

Whitepaper: Context-Centered Data Services: The Next IT Decision Support Challenge

by BDNAMar 01, 2014

IT decision support impacts all aspects of technology management, from governance and strategy to budgets and resource plans. The effectiveness of IT decision support all too frequently falls prey to data-driven challenges - like overwhelming volumes, heterogenous data types, and complexity - that make it difficult to understand the data in context. Just as the cobbler's children in the old fable had no shoes, IT leaders are falling foul of the very same decision support challenges that IT