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BMC Software

BMC has unmatched experience in IT management, supporting 92 of the Forbes Global 100, and earning recognition as an ITSM Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for five years running. Our solutions offer speed, agility, and efficiency to tackle business challenges in the areas of service management, automation, operations, and the mainframe.

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Latest Content From BMC Software

Whitepaper: How to Accelerate DevOps Delivery Cycles

by BMC SoftwareMay 14, 2019

Successfully and quickly turn ideas into new business services

Address operational realities sooner in the development process to build reliable execution into your applications

Learn how to:

• Simulate more accurate real-world testing conditions
• Ensure that applications run correctly and on time with automated scheduling
• Enable early detection and quick remediation of potential application failures

Empower DevOps teams with consistency and visibility to deliver better services, faster.

E-Book: 4 Ways Developers can Deliver Better Software Faster

by BMC SoftwareMay 14, 2019

Help your DevOps teams deliver more value for the business

Both developers and IT ops teams have more important things to do than deal with job scheduling scripts. Read this e-book to learn how Jobs-as-Code helps developers become more efficient while avoiding future headaches for operations by:

• Using shift-left best practices for job and workflow orchestration
• Reducing rework throughout the software development lifecycle
• Accelerating application build, test, and validation

Whitepaper: DZone: Shifting Left With Continuous Delivery

by BMC SoftwareMay 14, 2019

As IT complexity increases, the value of DevOps continues to explode. Find out how you can build a culture of collaboration, rapid release, and consistent excellence in your organization so you can:

• Create and support app-driven business models
• Make the right investments in DevOps tools and projects
• Increase employee productivity, speed, and satisfaction

Whitepaper: Nucleus Research Guidebook: Control-M by BMC

by BMC SoftwareJan 24, 2018

Customers have leveraged Control-M to simplify their technology stack through a single interface and more advanced automation. With Control-M's strong ability to handle diverse requirements and the help BMC and its partners provide for conversion, administrators are finding that they are navigating stricter requirements on higher amounts of data, all while empowering self-service users to interact with jobs themselves and take greater interest in their own departmental projects.

Read this whitepaper to discover why users choose Control-M for automation.

Whitepaper: Meet the Challenges of the Digital Age with Control-M

by BMC SoftwareJan 24, 2018

Achieve digital business automation

Whitepaper: The New Era of IT Automation

by BMC SoftwareJan 24, 2018

Power the next wave of IT automation

Whitepaper: Control-M on the Cloud

by BMC SoftwareJan 24, 2018

Automate diverse workflows in the cloud

Infographic: BMC Digital Business Automation Infographic

by BMC SoftwareJan 24, 2018

Maximizing infrastructure value

Whitepaper: Protect Your Business from the Challenges of Multi-Cloud and DevOps Adoption

by BMC SoftwareDec 26, 2017

When security and compliance processes move faster, your whole business becomes more agile and competitive. In this white paper, you'll learn how you can automate policy checks into your multi-cloud environment and DevOps pipeline to catch and fix flaws more quickly, at a lower cost.

Topics include:
• Eliminating compliance blind spots from containers and public clouds
• Preventing security processes from creating DevOps bottlenecks
• Extending compliance checks across any policy, data, and process

Whitepaper: Forrester study: Overcoming SecOps Hurdles Decreases Risk While Increasing DevOps Efficiency

by BMC SoftwareDec 26, 2017

Take the next step in SecOps maturity for more efficient threat protection

In this September 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BMC, you'll learn about the technologies today's organizations are using to improve the effectiveness of security-operations collaboration.

Topics include:
• Overcoming challenges around SecOps visibility and workflow
• Cost benefits of improved SecOps maturity
• How SecOps increases DevOps efficiency to accelerate app releases